Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanks to the many who help and advised. Especially Mike, who provided a link to a tutorial that covered exactly what I wanted to do, sparing me many hours of manually fumbling around in the code. There have been some other changes:

  • Turned on word verification. I was getting tired of spam comments telling me I need to take more vitamins.

  • Added to the blogroll. This is still a work in progress. If you're not listed and you'd like your link to be seen by literally dozens of readers each day, lemme know. For the right amount of money I'm sure I can squeeze ya in.

  • Above the blogroll is a new feature that I'll be starting soon. Win amazing prizes!

Anyway, if things look at all screwy in your browser, please advise ASAP. Now that the 3-column ordeal is over, I can hopefully get to work on some actual posts. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for making mine a vital blog in the right wing noise machine ;-) Blog looks great!

  2. looks good from here. oh look i'm a cog. thanks :)

  3. Innominatus! It looks marvelous, darlink!
    Thanks for saying I'm a "vital cog in the Right Wing Noise Machine". That's very kind of you!
    I need to have someone make me a cute button saying that, and I'll put on my blog and link directly to your page. Awesome job, now you need a rest!
    Come read my fun movie reviews and watch some cool clips.

  4. A third column appears as if from nowhere!!! Congrats!

  5. The new look is great, Inn. Also, I'm thrilled to be a cog. Thanks, man.

  6. Looking sharp, Innoman. Now get back to writing so we can take the world by storm ... oh, and for the contest prize, I propose you award an Obama voodoo doll, or a sock puppet.

  7. BTW ... see Chicago Ray's. I think you can get into the code even further and spread everything out to get rid of the wasted space on the left and right.

  8. Dude, looks excellent! Thanks for the coggage too.


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