Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah is teh smart!

Imagine how silly Oprah would look if her show was On-Air at the time of the Great Fiery Mayan Calendar Flip of Doom in 2012! Seriously, what kind of TV ratings can anybody, even Oprah, expect to get when all the viewers are busy dodging inbound meteorites and rising lava? Her insightful decision to pull the plug on her show in 2011 reveals great wisdom and an impeccable sense of timing. Kudos!


  1. Why was everyone making such god damned big deal about it. That's 2 F***ing years away !

  2. i heard on the radio where this was just her way of going incognito whilst she boards the mothership to the moon (ya know since it's got water and all)or maybe just the outer space i'm not sure. and she's only taking her extremely close companions. the ark of oprah i suppose.

  3. Odie - it's like the countdown before a shuttle launch. Now that we have an ETA, it suddenly becomes exciting. Or something.

    Labcat - I hope that Oprah's obesity see-saw is on the low side when they blast off. Otherwise, that'll be one bumpy ride.

  4. As any dip-shit housefrau will tell you, Oprah knows everything, so of course her upcoming retirement from network TV is the height of brilliance.

  5. i pity the network that is going to lose Oprah; that can't be good for ratings

  6. Her ratings have been slipping; i imagine there are people out there who associate her with Obamarama and the associated ills.

    I know I do, but then again, I have never liked her, she seems disingenuous and condescending. Not to mention that she embraces all belief systems from Christianity to islam to unitarian and that kook that sees dead people.


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