Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vast Right Wing Exaggerations

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, on the right is running around saying that Obama is trying to utterly destroy the economy. From Limbaugh on down, alarmists are saying this. This is rubbish. This is foolish. This is irresponsible. This discredits our movement. This brings all of our positions - no matter how valid - into question.

Obama is not trying to utterly destroy the economy. He is not that cruel or malicious. He is merely trying to beat it to the very ragged edge of death until the bruised and confused electorate accepts that his euroweenie socialist agenda is the only way out! Is that so hard to understand?

So let us stop being alarmists. Let us speak the whole truth without outlandish overstatements. Agreed?


  1. It sounds to me they're right according to you.

  2. Nobody ever es'plained it to me that way before. Sounds plausible. You need a talk show, or at the very least a blog...


    carry on.


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