Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving trevails

Ever see one of these?  Probably not.  It's a Mitsubishi Expo, and they were never all that popular.  Weird little wagon that looks like a minivan.  I own one.  Not exactly my dream car.  Mine's blue w/ dog claw scratches on the hood.  So, on Thanksgiving, we loaded up 5 adults, a 115lb dog, and a 105 lb dog for a 3.5 hour trip from Corvallis, OR to Medford, OR.  Ended up being a 4 hour trip 'cuz one of the occupants is pregnant.
Thanksgiving at brother-in-law's place was pretty decent.  Then on Saturday, it was time to return home.  With an EXTRA passenger. Thankfully he only needed a ride to Roseburg, which is about 1.5 hours from Medford.  Or 2 hours in pregnant-time (she never met a rest area she didn't like)  The Expo is designed to seat 7 (snugly!) so it was do-able as long as the folks in the middle row could tolerate the occasional doggie elbow shots to the groinal regions.  Unfortunately, some of our travelling party took ill over the weekend.  The weather wasn't so good, so the windows were up most of the time.  Yes, my Expo became a Mobile Germ Incubation Facility, like something Saddam Hussein would've thought up.  Some of these germs came home to roost within my person and I am presently achy and feverish as I type this.  (But I got another day off, so ya win some/lose some.)  We stopped in Roseburg to hand my nephew off to his mom.  We had agreed to meet at Shari's restaurant.  Everybody was complaining about the cramped conditions as we got closer. I tried to explain that "Roseburg is where Troy Polamalu grew up and went to high school! There's actually a pretty good chance that he's actually eaten in the restaurant we're about to visit!"  Nobody seemed to care except my wife, who has good taste in football.  The rest were like "Huh?  Who are you talking about?" but were seated too far behind me to taste my backhand.  Eventually we kicked li'l nephew out and the car went from stupidly crowded to merely crowded.  The rest of the trip was uneventful except for numerous wee-wee breaks.  Then the Polamalu-less and Big Ben-less Steelers blew it last night...  Time for more Ny-Quil.

PS - I know this is about as interesting as plain oatmeal.  Mostly I just wanted to test blogger's "read more" feature that I just enabled.

PPS - I don't see a "read more" anywhere.  Oh well.

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  1. sounds like a national lampoon movie. at least no one died and you didn't leave the saint bernard(?) tied to the bumper. feel better soon.


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