Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be of good cheer!

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We're part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can live another day...

Seems like there's been some decent news today. Shall we recap? Yes, let's.

  • Gallup reports that Republicans are leading in congressional polls for 2010. The word "permanent" in "Permanent Democratic Majority" seems to have lost some of its meaning with these jokers in charge. Hopefully we can soon get back to the Republican "slow trickle of arsenic" levels of waste instead of the current Democrat "RPG fired into your chest" levels of waste.

  • DC Sniper's time of death 9:11 pm. Irony is a cruel taskmaster.

  • Senator DeMint introduced a bill for congressional term-limits. Snowball/hell, I know, but the funny thing is that the idea is so popular that even bringing it up pretty much cements DeMint's re-election chances.

  • Harry Reid about to punt on Cap-n-Tax to instead concentrate on a "jobs bill." I take that as an admission of guilt that Porkulus 1.0 has been a giant flaming worm-infested dung heap of a failure.

  • Internal warfare going on in the democrat party - the psycho far lefty agitators are mad at the semi-psycho "moderate" lefties who didn't vote for BarryCare. Kinda like the roving bands of militant gays in SF who beat up ordinary homosexuals for not being "gay enough."

There's plenty more out there, but hey, I'm just one guy with a blog. They don't pay me enough to do any more than this. And if you're wondering why most of the links are the same ones HotAir is using, well, duh. That's where I stole most of them from. Al Gore told me when he invented the internet that it was specifically optimized for stealing. Kind of like his carbon offset business.


  1. Well done!

    I am looking forward to November 2010.
    I cannot wait to get rid of these sociopaths in congress!

  2. Thank you Innominatus! I'm getting cheered up already! We need some good news. America is waking up and by the time the elections start in earnest, they will all be out on their asses.

  3. Nice wrap up. I too can't wait until 2010 to throw out some moonbats and RINOS.

  4. I'll add to that having Carl Douglass' "Kung Fu Fighting" on iTunes while I visit your blog. I recommend it.

  5. I've always said, "the most sincere form of flattery is theft."

    I attempt to keep this in mind as the Left works to take everything that I have.

    And remember to say, "Thank you!"

  6. I can hear the waves now ... thank you Sir.

  7. Not quite time to crank up "Happy Days Are Here Again" but it's a start. Woot!


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