Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog Post Status: Critical!!

Yay, I got the replacement Y-Axis driver card! I'm back in bidness! But I'm waaaay behind now. Not much time to write. The big issue of the day is the Ft. Hood shooting and having psycho muslims in our military. The only things I have to say on the issue are 4-letter words, and sometimes my friends from church check this blog. It would be, oh, just kinda, um, "awkward" on Sunday if I told you what I really think about the Ft. Hood attack, Obama's McTarded "shout out!" yesterday, and islam in general. So I'll write no more about it for now. Plus, like I said above, I'm too busy. I'm also heading out of town for most of the weekend and won't have any intertube access. All I have for ya right now is my quickuie 1000-word essay on islam:


  1. Two words, "parking lot". As in turn it all into a parking lot!

  2. The cool thing is, Red, is that the parking light will be self lighting! :D

  3. As my father likes to say, the way to solve the Muslim problem is to turn the Middle East into glass.

  4. And you gave me a bad time about my post the other day, Dr. Dave. Ah but your father is right. One would like to say bomb them back into the 12th century, but isn't that where they live now?


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