Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are ya serious??

Saw this pic in a "caption this" contest at JammieWearingFool. What the heck? Is there a wicked-strong headwing in her face? Trying to look like Grace Jones? Ace Ventura's hair was supposed to look stupid, yet isn't as bad as this. What is the thought process? Which of her many, many paid staffers looks her in the eye and says "you rook mahvelous!!!"?? Is it some kind of game? The fMSM incessantly reports on her beauty and grace, so maybe Michelle is funnin' them a little by seeing how ridiculous she can look and still get their praises? Dunno. Don't get it. One of you must have an answer. Please fill me in. Or at least tell me who/what she's trying to look like - so I can go to bed without my subconscious reaching erroneous and nightmarish conclusions...


  1. Oh it's just big hair. Chill.

  2. She has impossibly bad taste. Yes, she does have that Grace Jones thing going - most of the time. Brarak has to wake up to it without make-up. Karmic punishment for his love affair with Larry Sinclair? Who knows?

  3. i think she got one of these but forgot to read the destructions..


  4. Red, I still like "Big '80s Hair". But a line must be drawn...

    LL, I was hoping to avoid nightmares. The idea of waking up alongside that isn't helping...!

    labcat, maybe she got the Wile E. Coyote ACME version of the hair-doodad and it blew up in her face.

  5. hey-- do not attack St. Michelle the Proud-of-her-nation!

  6. Yeah, picking on Michelle O is mean. She really is one of the best looking Klingons out there.

  7. I just can't stand to look at either one alone, together they're binocular poison.

    Her hair does look ridiculous. Fantastically ridiculous.


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