Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inquiring minds are confused

There isn't enough time to take a meaningful nap before the Beavers play WSU. So, I'm trying to stay awake a little longer. In the midst of my sleep-defying deep meditations, I've encountered a question I just can't answer. I know I could probably go to or somesuch, but hey, when we add the collective IQ's of your humble blogger together with his readers, I'm pretty sure we break into the triple-digits. So I'll ask you instead:

I don't like my coffee scalding hot. It needs to be cooled off just enough to be chuggable. (Wow, "chuggable" passes the spellcheck!) I cool it off with milk. I make it brutally strong so that after being diluted by the cooling milk, it still retains some oomph. Today I used chocolate milk instead. The store-bought kind in a jug, not the Nestle's Quik. I don't really like my coffee as well that way, but the chocomoo was getting near the ick date so I figured I better hurry up and use it. The stuff has been in the 'fridge for better than a week and hasn't settled at all. Yet when I mix it in the coffee, the cocoa precipitates out in the bottom of the cup. A surprising amount of it, in fact. Nice thick layer of black slurry at the bottom of the mug. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. But what's the deal, science-wise? Upon whom should I assign blame? Is this actionable in court? Is it just a case of the cocoa getting all tribalist and refusing to assimilate?

PS - Don't blame barry. I know it wasn't him. He's been too busy golfing today to have had enough spare time to mess with me like this. Plus, based on his lack of solutions to our nation's problems, I doubt if he even knows the difference between a colloid and a solution.


  1. It's the Pixie Dust.

    Since last fall's election, there are increasing reports of Pixie Dust affecting everything from automobile manufacturing to banking. Pixie Dust has all but eliminated entire economic sectors, like logging.

    Fortunately, we have a strong public sector. No one in the public sector has been impacted negatively from this increase in Pixie Dust. In fact, if reports are correct, the number of public sector jobs and their associated paychecks have actually increased since elevated levels of Pixie Dust were first noted.

    This is pretty much settled science, so any skepticism you may feel is the result of a strong denial impulse. There are counselors for that. Mebbe you should see one.

  2. But OG, in light of record success in the public sector, is Pixie Dust a cause or an effect? Does more Pixie Dust lead to a strong public sector, or is the public sector growing naturally and just emitting more Pixie Dust?

    Oh, I think I get it now... It is kinda both. Pixie Dust is like the partially burned gasoline in an old Pinto that's running way rich: It is both fuel to the Pinto and a smelly, hazy irritant to everybody else.

  3. You should have asked Barry ... he can fix anything ... yup.

  4. Come on folks! Get with the program! Anything negative is Bush's fault. This never expires, apparently. Anything positive, even if it has to be invented out of thin air, is a direct result of Obama's brilliance. Sheesh folks!

  5. It's clear that your choco-moo supplier uses racist white milk; when the least bit of heat and stimulation is applied, it forces the darker element, to the back of the bus, er, bottom of the mug.

    I also agree with Matt...
    Bush's fault.


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