Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barry disheartening news cycle.

I'm still scratching my head over this "Obama walkin' away from the podium" thing.  It was downright shocking to me.  And it leaves me really disheartened.  I mean, really, how do I parody that?  It really takes me out of my game.  Many times I've scripted barry as his own bumbling self.  At various times I've also scripted him as things as an American Idol host, a puppet of Soros, a Starship Captain, an evil Tolkien wizard, a kind of sith-like dude, a rock star, or even a god of Greek myth.

But such a total collapse is beyond parody.  I overheard the drug dealers the other day: "Man, that last bag of dope you sold me sucked."  "Yeah, sorry, I was running low. So I cut it with 50% kitty litter.  But this stuff I have now is really good.  Purer than the pure unadulterated megafail that is President Obama."  "Dude!  Sell me some of that!"

And it's not just me.  It is the whole world.  Can you imagine what the NorKs will say next time we tell them to knock it off?  "Ooh, so scared!  What you do now, Obama?  Sic Bill Crinton on me?  Hahaha!"  We are totally scroomed as long as this guy is in office.  I don't think I can ever come up with a new theme that is as pathetic and ridiculous as the real Obama.  So I give up.  From now on I will only blog about hamster wheels and midget wrestling.  Carry on...


  1. Don't fret, Obummer will be back to a carton of smokes a week, and borrowing Miley's bong before you know it.......

  2. It was strange. But, even if he is beyond parody, there are plenty of other scum bags in our government.

  3. The time for parody is over. It's time to find a cave and start killing our own food.

  4. Yep, that news spot left a lot of us wondering about The Prez!!!

  5. T'was a puzzlement. And appending the "I gotta go cause I hear Michelle calling" just added fuel to the going-down-in-flames.


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