Monday, December 13, 2010

Yikes! I think this is real!

Saw an ad for this on OrbusMax.  Looks like you can actually buy the stuff.  Can't imagine what it tastes like.  Chase it with a can of Billy Beer, though, and you'll be all set!

It is actually encouraging to know that dEar Leader is looking out for us.  No matter how bad the economy gets and how broke we all are, there will always be Obama Ramen to dine on.


  1. They have the Obama Chia Pets for sale. And it's not a joke. Pour water in the clay head of fearless leader and in a week or two you have a bright green fro on the presidential head.

  2. Ah, Ramen Noodles -- the salvation of many a starving college student. But these noodles have added benefits -- they will help combat adolescent obesity by rendering the consumer too nauseated to eat. Health Care and weight loss in one chea package!

  3. I have to say, that I like the "done in one term" line.

  4. I'm sorry, I just can't swallow anything he's associated with.

  5. ...there will always be Obama Ramen to dine on.

    I'll eat dirt first.

  6. I tried to think of some painfully clever food puns for this, but I am fried. I just get boiling mad when I think of how he's julienned our economy. Some grate leader, huh?

    He shows no skillet running our country. It's gone to pot.

    Good post, though, Inno!

  7. Come into the Obama Light. All is well in the Obama light. Obama cares for you.

    Now if I eat food with Obama's picture on it does that mean when I visit the can obama's picture will be on my crap? I certainly hope so.

  8. Inno, I think I'm about a decade your senior...maybe not quite that much.

    I actually drank "Billy Beer." At Carruthers dorm at Louisiana Tech, the guys that lived next door in the late 70s built a pyramid with empty Billy Beer cans.

    I think National Geographic probably did a piece on it. Not sure.

    When I think of those days I remember Mrs. Lillian being interviewed by 60 Minutes (or some magazine, maybe...but I think it was 60 Minutes). They asked her, "Do you think Billy should run for President when Jimmy's term is up?"

    Mrs. Lillian replied, "Goodness, no! If Billy gets elected, Jimmy doesn't have sense enough to run the gas station."

    True story.


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