Monday, December 6, 2010


OK, everybody stop hasslin' me for a while.  I just goofed up the engraving on a Cavalry saber.  *@#HUHEFD*GH@!#$*&&^TGYPDSV: !!!!!!


  1. Sure! Blame everybody else, Inno...

  2. Oooh. That is not a good thing (says the woman of a man who has an engraved Cav sword.)


  3. That bites, inno. I hope you find an easy way to fix the snafoo.

  4. Andy - I blame it sleeplessness more than I blame it on you guys. But I think you're at least a little at fault. Somehow or other.

    Moogie - Nope, not gonna run. Gonna fix. Can't leave a good sword in a state of buggered-upness

    Teresa - Some wet/dry sandpaper to remove the engraving. Then finer sandpaper to get rid of the scuffs left by the coarser sandpaper. Then really fine sandpaper. Then rubbing compound. Then some time on the buffing wheel. Then notice that the repair is now shinier than the rest of the blade, making it obvious that I've been up to something. Not good. Get out the really fine sandpaper and scuff the repair a little here and a little there. Blammo! Invisible repair! Fix, yes. Easy fix, no.

  5. Dude, you're still cool to me Inn.

  6. Hey, Inno--

    You have, by chance, an address for Paul Mitchell?

    Need to send him five bucks.

  7. OG - The only contact info I have for Paul is his blog. Sorry. But don't we have to play the Championship game before the money changes hands?


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