Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeling better now catch-up time miscellaneous blogpost of doom

My condition has been upgraded from "feels like s***" to "feels like crap" and I think I can blog and comment now.  Which is more than I've been able to say for a coupla days.

Sometimes a blog comment is more than just a blog comment, and deserves more exposure.  I think this one that Andy dropped in the "Obama Ramen" post deserves  some space on the front page.
Inno, I think I'm about a decade your senior...maybe not quite that much.

I actually drank "Billy Beer." At Carruthers dorm at Louisiana Tech, the guys that lived next door in the late 70s built a pyramid with empty Billy Beer cans.

I think National Geographic probably did a piece on it. Not sure.

When I think of those days I remember Mrs. Lillian being interviewed by 60 Minutes (or some magazine, maybe...but I think it was 60 Minutes). They asked her, "Do you think Billy should run for President when Jimmy's term is up?"

Mrs. Lillian replied, "Goodness, no! If Billy gets elected, Jimmy doesn't have sense enough to run the gas station."

True story.
I derive much amusement from reading that.


The scariest phrase in the English language is
I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

The second scariest is
We're out of TP!

So, we hads us an F2 tornado about 40 miles away yesterday.

I know, I know. You midwesterners go out and fly kites in an F2 and don't even bother to chain down the trailerhouse 'til you get up to an F4. But we aren't built for that kind of action. Once every couple years we get an F0 that knocks over a really rickety old barn. This is only the second F2 I've heard of around here. I'll cite Biden and say that to us in the valley, this is a Big F'n Deal.

Ordinarily THIS would be the big weather news of the day.  Over on the coast at Lincoln City, about 6k sqft of roof was blown off the roof of a hotel.  One 500 sqft piece flew up and over a 45' power line and came down a couple blocks away.  But a blown hotel roof just ain't gonna get any respect when there are tornadoes going on.


Regarding the misplaced gun from a couple posts ago: I fully expect that it'll either be claimed by its owner or destroyed.  I don't expect to end up with it.  But.... 

There was a STUPID turn of events back in 1999 that I covered in a post last year.  Part of the judgment against me was to forfeit the gun.  At the time I didn't much care, as I had a walk-in closet full of 'em and it didn't seem worth fighting.  Some months later I get letter saying "claim your evidence or it will be destroyed."  I figured maybe they'd found some stereo gear that had been jacked from my car some time back.  Nope!  It was the gun I was supposed to forfeit.  Thanks for keeping it clean and dry!

So there is a slight, slight chance that this gun has gone through a few private sales and messed up the ownership papertrail...  Maybe the owner is too embarrassed (and/or not legally qualified to own it) to go claim it...  Maybe my name will be the only name the authorities can therefore associate with this gun, and they'll goof up (again) and give it to me. 


  1. Tornadoes were always a Big F'n Deal to me when I lived in OKC. We get the occasional funnel cloud here on The High Plains of New Mexico, too. I remain sensitive to this sorta thang, livin' as I do in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park. And we all know about tornadoes and trailer parks, don't we?

    Glad you're feelin' better, Inno.

  2. Hi Inno! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Still, feeling like crap is not good, I hope you are feeling like filet mingon very soon ;-)

    You sure have had lot's of bad things happen around your area. It's like the biblical plagues or something.
    Please stay safe out there and just think, in a few weeks, this horrible year will be over and hopefully the new one will be better!
    PS: Hope you get the gun back, they are good to have these days, except if you're on a school board in FL.

  3. Glad you're feeling better man!

  4. Oh my hero ... you were soooo brave to have picked up in the first place. I hear those things can hurt people.

  5. Inno...I've been up in the same boat as you. Not sick, but too dang busy to follow up on junk.

    Glad you're all the way up to "almost still alive!"

    You'll get better. The story I told about Mrs. Lillian was true. Remember it like it was yesterday.

    I didn't mention that drinking Billy Beer was kinda' like what I imagine drinking urine from a sample cup would be. So, now I'm mentioning it.

    Another true story...I lived through the most powerful tornado to ever strike in overnight hours back on Dec. 3, 1978. (At least it was the most powerful up to that's like a Fujita scale thing or something...I think we've had worse ones since then because of Al Gore).

    And, Pam and I spent the second night of our honeymoon below ground in a storm cellar in Wetumka, OK with 14 of our closest friends (we only met 'em on the way down the stairs, but you get awful close to folks when you've shared the experience of cheating certain death). I don't remember their names now, but some of 'em are probably dead anyway, because they were pretty old then.

    Just sayin'...

    Glad you're on the mend!

  6. The northeast, climatically speaking (which sounds more professorial than "gosh the weather outside is frightening) is the safest place to live. In the west coast you have earthquakes. The gulf coast has hurricanes. The midwest has tornadoes. All we have to worry about is dreadfully cold winters (and liberals taking away our freedom).

    Good to know non one was hurt.

  7. Glad you're out from under the weather in several entendres.

    Arkansas is in the heart of tornado alley, so I'm really familiar with tat of whioch you speak. They're pretty scary -- did you get the green sky? That's when you know that what's coming is not a good thing.


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