Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mystery of the Burning Mosque and other Compelling News

The Mystery of the Burning Mosque is still the big news item around here.  And the oh-so-diverse crowd that I reside among - as a Stranger in a Strange Moonbat Land - had themselves a happy little vigil to prove to the muzzies that "gosh darn it, you guys are cool by us!"

Photo credit: Scobel Wiggins/Gazette-Times

It was the whole interfaith shebang replete with quotes like "All of you demonstrated your support and your care and your love.  We all stand firm and denounce all forms of extremism ... and terrorism."  Yeah, how nice.  I tried to find an animated .gif of somebody gagging themselves with their finger to illustrate my feelings but couldn't find one.  Use your imagination; it's good for your brain.

Local talker Victoria Taft digs around a little and learns that this mosque was more-or-less founded by the OSU Muslim Student Association about 40 years ago, and this Association is in pretty tight with the Muslim Brotherhood.  All the Muslim Brotherhood wants for Christmas Ramadan is a Global Caliphate, so hey, no worries, right? 

Regarding the fire itself, there is a window into the burnt office through which burning materials were thrown.  This doesn't preclude an "inside job", but makes the "act of an outsider" a little more believable.  The fire was first noticed by local police on routine patrol and promptly extinguished my the local FD.  If it was an inside job, it will be interesting to learn whether the fire was put out "too soon."


On an utterly unrelated note, has your own sense of Manly Invulnerability ever bit ya in the buttocks?  The switch in our safety saw keeps failing.  The little contact points inside get scorched, so I dutifully take it apart and file the funk off the points.  This makes it work for another month or so.  Getting weary of this, I decided to put a different switch in it yesterday.  Couldn't find one that fit the factory hole, so I set about to make a plastic adapter plate to make it all fit neatly. 

Pictured: Safety Saw.  Note inherent irony.

I was holding the piece of plastic on the deck of the drill press.  The little voice in my head said "the drill bit is gonna grab it and yank it out of your hands!" I routinely ignore this little voice.  Some of the other ones I pay attention to, but not this one.  So instead of changing pulleys on the press to be at the correct RPM, finding a clamp, or even getting a glove, I say to myself "Just hold it down REALLY HARD."  The bit grabbed the plastic and spun it like a little helicopter blade of doom.  Since I was leaning into it so hard, it took that much longer to reverse my posture and yank my hand out of Kill Zone.  Two neat parallel slices on my ring finger as well as some missing cuticle around my thumbnail.  Pretty cool. 


  1. I'm glad to know it's not just me Inno. Drill Press, Bench Grinder, most of my air tools. I need to start taking bets on which extremity will be next on the owie list.

  2. That little voice, when ignored, comes back to bite you on the rectum, doesn't it?

    I've covered the Muslim Student Association. They openly call for a second holocaust.

  3. You are too hi-tech for me....vice grips, pliers, dull and rounded screwdrivers, claw hammer handed down generations, baling wire, and the little voice still screws with me and my 7 fingers.....

  4. Hey Bud ... you'd better stick to matches ... it's a lot safer.

  5. I was made to laugh;"Haha"! Men have an inherent proclivity to ignore that voice as if were the voice of some woman or child or a mossy-brained know-it-all.

    We can do it ourselves.

    Fortunately, I have listened to that voice on occasion, mainly when messin' with electricity or firearms. And I'm glad I did.

    Other stuff, though; I can figure it out on my own...

  6. Don't you know drill presses contribute to global warming? Have you no love for Gaia?

  7. the Muslim Student Association. They openly call for a second holocaust...trudat Inno!

  8. Time to change your name to Ron.

    The world needs more Rons.

  9. OK... I must be the only slow one here. What is this inherent irony about which you speak? I don't get it just by looking at the pic.

    Re; That lil voice. I hear it in all sorts of situations, not just the one involving tools. You'd think we'd learn, but noooo...

  10. Six - Someday I gotta tell the story about the bench grinder and the unbuttoned flannel shirt..

    Matt - I've made awards for the MSA. Until recently I had no idea they were such lowlifes.

    Randy - 7 fingers out of 10? Not bad. It's like a Tom Brady 1st qtr pass completion percentage.

    Odie - I keep some matches in the bathroom. For good reason.

    aA - Agreed on the guns, but 'lectricity doesn't scare me much. As often as it has bit me, I should show it more respect.

    Infidel - I caught Gaia two-timin' me. Up with the finger to her.

    WHT - But at least they contribute to campus diversity! :/

    OG - Dah doo Ron Ron Ron, doodoo Ron Ron.

    JBomb - "Hey baby, wanna see my scar?"

    Buck - Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly (like this time) the Safety Saw has done me a lot more bloodletting than the actually dangerous things like the table saw and the panel saw.

  11. I hope the adherents to the religion of peace don't like to attend big Civil-War-ish football games. Just sayin'.

    Re: repairs -- you are such a guy.

    I just put a bucket under the rusting-out elbow joint under the kitchen sink to fix the leak. No pain.


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