Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tuesday night was the Blazer game.  We won!  Well played game and we led most of the way.  The seats we had were every bit as awesome as we thought they'd be.  Great view and cool people sitting all around us.  I'm pretty sure we made it on TV when the refs came over to review a questionable call.  At least we made it on the jumbotron - by geeky pencilneck on display for all to enjoy as I looked up at myself on the big screen.  Looked back down and tried to find the camera but didn't see it in time to wave or make a face or anything. 

My wife had an awesome time, too.  While we've been married 8.5 years, the 10th anniversary of our first date was just a couple days ago, so we used this event as a cool commemoration.  I plan on putting up another post with lots of pics.  We have a lot.  Not as many as we'd figured, though, because our camera had a "moment of intimacy" with the concrete floor some time in the 2nd quarter.  Camera appears to be muy muerto.  Gotta either get another camera or a card-reader for my PC to get at the pics...  Very fun evening from top to bottom.  Hopefully the next post w/ pics will capture the coolness of it all.

One part that was "interesting" was our early arrival...  We got there about 5, but tip-off wasn't 'til 7.  We figured we'd wander around the t-shirt and concession booths to kill the time, but the Guys in the Red Vests wouldn't let us wander until 6.  So we had an hour to kill and about the only place we could get into was Schonely's Place.

They should have this sign posted outside.

Our waitress was like the "Bearded Spock" evil anti-version of Flo from the insurance commercials.  She started off by asking what we'd like from the bar, and I told her "We don't drink.  How about a Coke?"  And she said (with a little of "that tone" in her voice) "Yeah, I guess we could do that."  Since we weren't really hungry and were mainly there to kill some time, my wife and I decided to just split a tray of nachos.  Which were actually just chips in a fancy bowl with some salso on the side.  My wife asked if we could somehow get some cheese to put on them and the waitress actually said "Let me check... But just so you know, if we were really busy I wouldn't be able to do all this for you."  Oh, then, SoRrRrRyyyy!

She brought out a TINY little cup of grated cheese.  The kind of cup you'd put your ketchup in for your fries at a burger joint.  Then the waitress brought our bill.  She started to hand us one and then yanked it back "Oh, you don't want this one.  It's for the $180 order at the next table.  Here's yours, for $16."  Yeah, lady, we get it...  We aren't spending enough money so you want us to run along...  It was getting kind of fun to annoy her, so my wife asked "what else is there to do around here until 6?"  The waitress says "Well, there is another restaurant on the other side.  I'm not saying it is too expensive for you, but it is, like, where Paul Allen eats.  Besides, you have to have courtside tickets to even get in over there."  I flash my courtside tickets and tell her that "I know important people" and that I regret not going to the other restaurant...

INSTANTANEOUS personality change in our waitress!  Lots more cheese on a real plate, drink refills, more drink refills.  Ha!  Sorry, toots!  You showed us your true colors so enjoy your lousy tip!

Anyway, the whole evening was a ton of fun so I do hereby offer up another THANK YOU to the anonymous ticket giver!


  1. I think I saw you on TV - they had a caption that said "Soon to be imprisoned non-leftist blogger Innominatus."

    Oh, and i hope you stiffed the waitress on the tip. Serves her right.

  2. Sounds like a delightful evening! Except for the charming table service. Wonder if she learned abything from that encounter. Probably not.

    Our Hornets are having issues. Existential issues.

    Looking forward to pics!

  3. Heh. GOOD wait staff are hard to come by. But... if that was the only downer of the evening then I'd say ya had it made.

  4. infidel - I will rule that prison yard!

    Moogie - Yep, great evening. What's up with your team? They rode the undefeated streak pretty long but are looking pretty ordinary here of late.

    Buck - It wasn't even a downer. Well, maybe for the waitress. But my wife and I don't care what anybody thinks of us so we were able to just have fun with it.

  5. Were you that geeky guy I saw on the screen?

  6. I miss basketball games in person. I went to a Jazz game before I came here


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