Friday, December 10, 2010

Barry & Bill

So Barry abdicated the podium for Bill today.  Barry offered up a respectful bow before leaving in a bit of a hurry.  Mustn't keep his First Lady in waiting when it is time to party.


  1. Yeah, I heard this on Michael Berry (local Houston conservative loudmouth and generally lovable talker) this afternoon and was only a little surprised.

    Berry said that this guy LOVES to jet around on our dime, going anywhere he wants and living the high life of "da president".

    Would that he loved the country so much.

  2. Ah another strange chapter in our four year journey through The Twilight Zone

  3. LMAO! You gotta know the dems are pretty desparate when they have to bring a (has-been) "blue-ribbon panel" to run the country during a lame-duck congress in an off-year. Both funny and scary.

  4. Bill looks like he's expecting a Lewinsky, and Barry looks like his chain is being yanked.

    (w/v -- crone. The fashion-impaired First Lady; she who yanks the chain.)

  5. I stole with your pic.....
    Too good not to share with my seven readers, or six, you might be one of them. heh.


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