Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Slow Nuesday

Haven't seen nor heard much from barry since he got his lip busted...
Hillary once wrote a book "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"
Obama's next autobiography will be "It Takes an Elbow to Shut My Mouth."


Seems like we could shut the mouth of Julian Assange and his DikiLeaks if we really wanted to.  But I don't think barry minds too much that this is all making Hillary look bad.  Once something comes out that makes barry look really bad, then the gloves will come off...


"You're an Everlasting Gobstopper of Stupid"

I dig metaphoric insults like that.  If you know some good ones, please lemme know.


RE: Christmas Tree Bomber

This kid seems like a total creep.  Showed up in court beaming a big smile.  People who've known him for a while say that he cheered "This is sooooo awesome!" when he saw our countrymen jumping from the burning Twin Towers and that he's been on a jihadi kick for years, since at least 2005.   I don't think the entrapment claims will stick.  He wasn't encouraged to do anything illegal, (quite the contrary, they tried to dissuade him) but merely enabled by the agents so they could see how far he'd go and/or see who else he would contact.  Kudos to the FBI.


  1. I saw Barry on the news last night and noticed the busted lip while he yammered. We were on the road yesterday -- what happened to the presidential pouter?

    Yeah -- the sting operation on that adorable, naturalized child sounds textbook perfect. I hope they have a camera on him while he's incarcerated to see just how long it takes to wipe the smile off his snarly little puss.

    Maybe we shouldn't shut Wikileaks down until he gets something really awesomely bad on BHO.

  2. Moogie - He was playing hoops with some political buddies and got elbowed. 12 stitches so it must have been a pretty bad wound. Done under local anesthesia so (thankfully?) we didn't have a temporary President Biden.

  3. You forgot the one where some in congress want to get under BO's desk.

  4. So how long before Whoopie and the rest of the political scientist on the View defend the creep?

  5. "It Takes an Elbow to Shut My Mouth."
    ..OMG Inno..pricless!

  6. I love the fact that MSNBC proposed that he was bullied! I can't even come up with a good enough insult for that.

  7. I see where the Usual Suspects on the leftie blogs are already p!ssing and moaning about entrapment where Bomber Boy is concerned. Dang, but it must suck to be perpetually aggrieved.

  8. Metaphoric insult?
    Somebody says something idiotic, reply "That was so dumb I feel stupider just hearing it.".


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