Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NorKs still a nuisance

After all these years, North Korea is still lobbing artillery shells and pretty much just being a pain.  Why is that?  Why?  Duh, you already know that answer...  Democrats!!  Let Sam and Rodney spell it out for you

(warning: some kinda garbled naughty language in the middle of this)


  1. My memory of world crises extends back further than those of most of my contemporaries. I fell in love with history at an early age, and devoured books on international conflict. Born during the Eisenhauer years, his role as President was one of many of our leaders that I found fascinating. I even visited his farm in Gettysburg. Somewhere I have a pic of me standing at his gate. (I didn't get in, darn.)

    MacArthur pissing in the Yalu, the Suez Canal, the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Mining of Haiphong Harbor, all tripwires that could have led to nuclear war. And then, waking up to this.

    We have an administration in the White House that disavows US might in arranging the deckchairs of the world. Noam Chomsky is strong with these.

    Which leads to puerile and naive thinking, which leads to puerile and naive international policies. China has an interest in maintaining the pace of it's economy. War on the peninsula would be devastating for the Asian Pacific.

    But which direction would Washington lead? Don't know about you, but I only hear crickets. (And the pounding hooves of Unicorns.)

  2. China may have to step up and spank the Young Un. They're getting waaaay too frisky over there and we're sure as sunlight not gonna do anything about it, even if we weren't already over-extended.

    That was one great movie!

  3. Weird, President Bamster was just over there, too. Wonder if he told the Norks to do that?

    And something really odd was that I had three posts in a row in my Reader with Sam Kinison clips. DId he come back for the dead or something?

  4. OG - I'm worried about barry saying "Hey China, deal with NK and we'll give ya Taiwan."

    Moogie - Krauthammer ticks me off fairly often, but I agree with him that we need we set SoKo up with their own Nuclear Weapon Happy Fun Kit.

    Paul - The other day on Breitbart's Big Hollywood, there was a post about how a guy like Kinison wouldn't be able to get away with such un-PC humor in today's society. And then recent presidents being squishy with the NoKos brought this clip to mind.

  5. I have to agree with OregonGuy. The ChiComs don't want their economic takeover interrupted, so they should be doing something. They're the only people on Earth that can yank the Nork's strings, unless the whole thing is a gigantic distraction.

  6. Perhaps if our genius, constitutional scholar, smart diplomacy super genius pResident goes to North Korea and apologizes and bows they will be nice.

  7. If the Norks bomb the Sorks with nukes, the first thing Obambi is going to do is wet himself. You would think that someone with the most powerful military behind him would be kind of cocky, but our C in C is actually kind of urine-y. Sigh...

    Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving man.

    I'm thankfull to have found your blog.

  9. LOL!!! LOOONG TIME!!! Happy Thanksgiving to the Family Innominatus!

  10. Maybe China is behind this all. Just maybe they are so angry that the fed is printing money that they are sending us a message. I mean really the Norks don't sharpen a pencil with China's approval.

    If you want to resolve this problem the road travels through China. What I would tell China is that they both rein in North K and dismantle their nuclear program or Taiwan is going to end up with their own tactical nuclear weapons for defensive purposes. Watch how they'll dance.

    Now that's what I call foreign policy.

  11. It's all about China

  12. Hey, Inno! What the heck is happening at your tree lighting events?!?!

  13. hey Inno..go Rodneyyyyyyyyyy! HOPE ya had a fabulous holiday weekend..I'm still full..lol:)


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