Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA branching into publishing industry

OK, this is so rude that it should make me mad.  And it does.  And it makes me laugh a lot, too.  My response seems to depend on which of the many voices in my head is dominant at the time...


  1. The TSA says PERV stands for Program to Examine Random Voyagers....but we know it's really:

    SHOCKING must read story.

    Peace! :-)

  2. 1776 - Don't tread on me.

    2010 - Don't touch my junk.

    Both phrases that will be remembered fondly by freedom-loving Americans.

  3. Sad, but still I like that the security line at the airport is the only place I can be pantless in public without being arrested.

  4. Heh.

    The follow-up book would be "Little Johnny Gets a Xanax Prescription"

  5. Yeah, I saw this yesterday in a lot o' places and I have mixed emotions about it, too.

  6. Humor and satire reveal underlying truths.

    They are routinely violating our 4th Amendment rights and treating us all like criminals because they refuse to profile

  7. I enjoyed the last time I was patted down.

  8. dont get me started on this topic INNO..its madness beyond words...!!!

  9. Yeah -- it's one of those laugh-so-you-don't-wind-up-in -tears things.

    I think this whole "policy" has taken us over the edge of reason. I heard someone describe TSA as being totally reactive, not proactive. That's it in a nutshell. And as I've said before, I truly dread the reaction to the first tampon bomb.

  10. I had not seen this before. It is troubling in the obvious way.

    But, if the objective was to cause people to think...well, he sure did that. In more ways than one.

  11. TSA is branching into college football too,at Texas A&M...

  12. I think my flying days are over, at least for now. No fondling or groping for me. It's against my religion.


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