Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too close to home **UPDATED**

Moogie asks in the comments of the previous thread:
Hey, Inno! What the heck is happening at your tree lighting events?!?!

Well it turns out that psycho Somali kids don't like Christmas...
If Billy Idol made a baby with Grace Jones, it would look like this
The rumor going around is that the bombing was going to be allowed, to rid the city of Portland of a few of those awful consumerists and Christians.  But at the last moment an ecohippie realized that a big bomb going off might disrupt spotted owl habitat so the police intervened.  This rumor remains unconfirmed...

Here's the "Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center" where the scumbag alleged bomber Mohamed O. Mohamud (I guess mooselimbs can't even figure out how to spell that name) partook of peaceful Religion of Peace peaceful religious stuff...
Where peaceful Religion of Peace stuff happens

Has a real inviting look to it, eh?

The map is cropped down so you can't really see the scale, but the mosque is on my street, about a mile south.  I drive past it at least 4x a day on average.  It is practically next door to the 7-11 where my wife gets her daily slurpee fix.  A guy I know did some drywall work inside, and he said there is no none zip nil nada furniture anywhere inside.  Also, he said it was dirty and smelled of BO inside.  Sounds like a great place.  There have been reports of money moving through this mosque to unsavory types, but as yet I can't recall them ever being officially charged with anything...


I'm just now hearing that there was an arson fire in the mosque this morning. Must not have been too extensive 'cuz I've already driven past it twice this morning and didn't notice much out of the ordinary.  I'll fill ya in with more info when I can...


The fire was limited to just the imam's office.  Haven't heard anything more yet.  But what's in an office?  Computers?  Files?  Records?  Velvet Elvis posters?  Yep, things that a bad guy might want to go up in smoke when the FBI is getting curious.  I have no idea the floor plan of the mosque, or whether the office is accessible from outside.  But Patti in the comments is looking more and more correct...


  1. Inno, WTF, Happy Belated Thanksgiving, and I'm happy you are still alive. That really is TOO CLOSE. WTF, all these mosques are breeding grounds for psycho's.

    I'm happy he was caught and nothing bad happened.
    Please take care of yourself, when I heard on the news the nut was from Portland, I had a bad feeling and said, I hope he didn't get too close to my pals out there.

    Have a fun weekend, you dodged a big one there, my friend. Amusing Bunni

  2. I would not be surprised if the alleged arsonist was also Somali born (a little stunt to try to gain sympathy for non-violent (?) mosque-goers)..and I WILL be surprised if this scumbag is convicted:/

  3. Dang Inno, that's definitely a WTF moment. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

  4. Inno, I am glad you are OK but you have no idea what too close really means until you have been in Dearborn, MI. Add to that, the 'underwear bomber' was in the skies above my home!

    p.s., Sounds like you folks need arsonists that know what they are doing, Detroit has quite a few you could have.

  5. Is that the mosque just across from Freddies?

  6. That dude has "psycho" written ALL over him. What a mug shot...

    I'm glad the FBI ran its sting effectively. May I have another, please?

  7. Sounds like that dud should shorten his last name down to the last three letters.
    Remember, mud spelled backwards is dum.

  8. Holy. Cow. Does this make anyone else as ANGRY as I am?!?

    Like Buck, I'd take another sting operation like this, with no epi-pen, in a heartbeat. But I truly hope Patti is wrong about the no-conviction thing (and I wouldn't hesitate to agree with her analysis of the arson thing. Maybe the fire made it smell a little better.)

    Glad you're all ok. Watch your back and guard the perimeter!

  9. Oh, and good one, Paul. Billy Idol and Grace Slick to a tee !

  10. AB - Happy belated TG to you, too.

    Patti - An inside job is very possible. Reichstag Fire, anyone?

    WHT - Will do. I'm not worried, though.

    Six - Head down except for keeping my eyes open

    Christopher - Michigan has us whupped when it comes to muslims.

    Paul - At first I was thinking of Grace Jones but put Grace Slick. That'd be weird, too.

    OG - Yep, that's the one. The doorway faces an alley so not many people see that angle of the building.

    Buck - I also think that Pretty Boy Mohamed will be popular in prison.

    Odie - Ya gots 'em down there, too?

    Moogie - The FBI did a good job on this one. Maybe we should put them also in charge of airport security.

  11. Oddly, I was thinking Grace Slick, too. Why in the world would we get those two mixed up?stein

  12. The "Stein" in that prior comment was part of my word verification. I wondered where it went off to.

  13. Obviously the fire was set by a right-wing reactionary practitioner of the religion of war - Christianity, and not by a homemade bomb the Imam was working on going off prematurely.

    Nope. That would libel a religion of peace.

  14. Silly Mullah it has to be a pretty hot fire to wipe out a hard drive.

  15. Dadgum Inno! Right in your own backyard!

    Too bad the fire didn't finish it's job.

  16. Inno, I'm late to the party on this it yesterday, but didn't get back.

    Interesting Update details. That's funny about the original intent of the plot. Nyuk...

    Things like this do kinda' make me scratch my head, though. Just playing devil's advocate here. From what I understand, the FBI targeted this guy, promoted hatred, provided means, and then nabbed him.

    I guess "stings" are okay. But, I wonder how far a guy like this would have gotten if the FBI hadn't backed him carrying out their plan. Civilian trial lawyers are gonna be all over this one..."entrapment."

    Regardless, that IS pretty close to the house. Even in my 60,000 population (roughly) town in the Bible belt there is a mosque. It is an old Presbyterian church about a mile from my house. They're everywhere...and I only trust a couple of them that I know.

  17. Very late to this one. The initial comment about the origin of this boy's looks cracked me up!

    The rest of it is scary. I am kinda with you on the "burn the evidence" angle. Just sayin'.

    Glad you're OK, thought about you when I heard this.

    Show 'em your bullet, that'll keep you safe!

  18. And I get annoyed when the neighbors play their stereos too loud! Dude, your neighbors suck!

  19. Yeah, this fire thing doesn't look good. Of course, they'll blame it on...OMG TEH EVIL TEA PARTIES!!! But, it certainly seems possible that they were trying to get rid of some evidence, as well as distract from the crime.

  20. It just dawned on me that you're living down the street from Castlevania. Wicked.

  21. What the freaking hells, Inno!! That is just too crazy. It sounds like your local government officials are rethinking that whole "we can handle everything on our own" and "we don't need to work with the Fed government to help keep citizens safe", throwing that mentality out the window and deciding to work with the Feds to keep Portland citizens safe.


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