Friday, November 12, 2010

Bestest blog readers on the planet!

I am now a "professional" blogger, in that I have received compensation for my blogging.  Wooo!  You see, one of my readers has come through in a BIG WAY. I really want to thank this person by name, but I'm not sure this person would want be called out like that.  So, anyway, you know who you are and be assured that I appreciate it!  And if I get a go-ahead from this person, I'll gladly offer much more personalized thank yous!

What you see here are a couple Blazer tix this reader gave me.  Please also note where it says "COURTSIDE" as in just a couple rows behind the scorers' table!  And a parking pass! 

Don't be counting on a lot of blog content on Tuesday the 7th.  I'm gonna be kinda occupied...  But I hope to have a bunch of really good close-up pix of sniveling Suns lamenting their humiliating loss!


  1. ok, go ahead and thank me. really. i don't mind.

  2. NBA tickets? Jeepers, Inno...does any sane human really still watch, or care about professional basket-thugs?


    I quit watching pro basketball so many years ago that I can't even remember when it was. I know that Jerry West had retired, Russell, Chamberlain, and Hondo, too.

    Let's see...lemme think...I remember watching Jordan score about a billion points in one championship series game when he was crippled and washed up (stupposedly). But I only looked at that game because everybody said it would be the "end of an era."

    The NBA is nothing but a bunch of trillionaire numbnuts now. Sheesh!

    Well, at least you won something...The Boobie Prize.

    Congratulations. Maybe you can scalp them off to some moron and make a few bucks.

    HA!!! Word verification: suction

    Seriously, I'm takin' a screenshot of this one.

  3. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. Now Obama is gonna want some sweet sweet courtside action.

  4. So Greg Oden is a conservative?

    Will wonders never cease?

  5. Some dudes have all the luck.

    Well maybe not luck, you'z from Oregon and it is a little weird here at the end of the Trail.

    Blaze on Dude!

  6. Woo hoo!! Congrats!

    Enjoy -- and I hope the IRS isn't tracking your blog because they might try to characterize this "gift" from a "blog buddy" as "income" from "a blog-related business enterprise." Just sayin' it might be a good idear to watch the verbiage!

    Dare I venture a Geaux Hornets? Like, um, tonight!

  7. 8 - 0.

    Maybe when you're in the stands . . . . ;-P

  8. Patti - Now you've done it!

    Andy - SoOoOrrrry! We don't have half-nekkid chicks throwing MG beads at us, and we don't have crowds of drunk people blowing horns and calling themselves a "jazz combo". We only have our one major league franchise, and we stick by 'em. :)

    JBomb - Barry wouldn't enjoy sitting by me.

    KS - Dunno. I'll say "wonders never cease" if he actually gets healthy and plays up to his potential.

    Jaded - Heh. "Blaze on Dude!" I've known people that would think you meant something VERY different with that phrase!

    Moogie - Ummm. Yeah. Hope my team does better on Dec. 7!

    Odie - Overpaid? Moi? Say it ain't so! :)

  9. Inno: Neither do I. I live in NW Louisiana, which is about as much like New Orleans as Kansas is.

    Thug-ball. Sigh...

  10. I will be available that evening.

  11. Congratulations on the ticket.

    You know, I once got a ticket from a fan of my blog.

    Of course, he belonged the the NYPD and it was a parking ticket but that's not the point.......

  12. Wow, congrats Inno, that's awesome

  13. Cool. I had a reader once send me some coupons for Dairy Queen. Some bloggers are just better than others.

  14. BTW, Inno. I know we're not speaking, but I once won a "Caption This" contest on a blog that I faithfully read.

    The prize was a novel written by the blogger. That was about 3 months ago, and I've not yet seen my prize.

    Maybe you'll get lucky like that. ;)


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