Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA's Greatest Hits

Reichfrau Napolitano and the TSA Orchestra have been busy in the recording studio lately. So far they have four tracks, which pretty much fills out side A:

1. See Me, Feel Me (scroll down to see the hit video)
2. Come Fly Comply With Me
3.  Oh, What a Lucky Nan, She Was (this one is kind of sad :(  )
4.  I Wanna Hold Your Gland

But their record label is really pressuring them to come up with some more material and finish this project.  They still need a few more tracks and are seeking suggestions.  So far I've thought of "Goose Me in the Sky with Diamonds" and  "Pretty (Hard to) Fly for a White Guy" but that still leaves room for a few more songs.



  1. I've got no musical suggestions... but it's obvious TSA has been taking lessons from the Nipponese.

  2. That video is just creepy beyond belief.

    How about "Feelings." Who-a, who-a, whoa.

  3. OMG that had me cracking up out loud!

  4. I can see clearly now(that your pants are off)

    It's in the way that you use it

    Please Mr. TSA Agent

    You really got a hold on me

    Everybody's got something to hide cept for me and my TSA agent

    (I'm searching) Here there and everywhere

    Within you without (you with my wand)

    Let's get it up


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