Friday, November 5, 2010

Lefties lacking coping skills

Looking through OrbusMax this morning, I stepped in a pile of lefty poo that said, among other noisome things, this:
Our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in there for a reason, and that was to enable the People to protect themselves against tyranny. In fact, it was Thomas Jefferson who said that it’s good for a country to have a revolution every twenty years. I hope that’s not where we’re going, but, you know, if the Republicans take our nation the way they promise to take it, my fellow patriots on the left are going to start looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and ask ourselves, what can we do to turn this country around? And I’ll tell you the first thing we need to do is take some Supreme Court justices out.
(Emphasis in original, bold added)

The thread has well over 100 comments, so I guess this blog has, like, actual traffic and regular readers.  When a commenter calls them out, the author falls back on the ever-popular "you wouldn't know satire if it kicked you in the balls" defense.  I've checked a number of online and actual ink-on-paper dictionaries, and none of them include a call to violence among their definitions of "satire." But hey, they're the ones with all the post-grad degrees in important stuff like Gender Studies.  So if they say "let's kill people" = "satire" then of course they must be right.  I must be just too darned unedumacated and lacking in erudition to recognize their brilliant satirizing skillz...  Yeah, that's it!

I like comment #25:

I’m trembling. What are you going to do, jab your fingers into your laptop’s keys with more ferocity?
No doubt there are lots of PO'd leftoids out there right now.  Let's keep an eye on 'em!



    Can I hear an Amen?

  2. This has been one bad week for the left. Lets hope some eco nut does not try something drastic.

  3. Yeah, Trestin. They don't handle stress too well.

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  5. Always remember, they're on the wrong side of the Second Amendment. As long as we keep them out of elected office, they can't do anything but whine.

  6. Hey Inno,

    Not sure if the Outhouse is kaput or not. The new one I stepped into is. Blogging is a distraction for me and if folks are gunna get pissed about the trivialites of what I say, dang right I got better things to do, goodbye.

    I'll be in touch now and again because you are black and white in your unique gray sorta way and besides you are funnier than ____, yep, I will stay family friendly.

    I'll set you up with some Blazer tickets soon. You will be looking eye to eye with the cheerleaders. But since looking past the goofy distractions in this life is a lesson I figger some us can learn from, you can deal with it fellow.

    What days work best for you to take a drive north during basketball season? I will put the tickets on will call under the name Innominatus, just so we can laugh about all the funny looks you will be getting, havin' to confess you are what you are. Yepsiree just tell 'em that's me but some guy thinks I'm cool, so show me to the darn seats!

    If I am gunna send a parking pass, that iz a whole nudder deal. You and me will hafta figger out a way to git in touch without the blog world knowing who we really are.

    Thanks man, I did not mean to deceive anyone.

  7. Inno, I think that is just hilarious! Seriously. The fact that some moron thinks that the nation needs a revolution "from" Republican ideals...

    I guess the joker was absent for about the last 70 years.

    Man! And, take some pitchers at the Blazer game, okay?

    Of the cheerleaders.

  8. Infidel - Keef is funemployed!

    Trestin, Moogie - Yep. The left loves to squawk about how thoughtful and poised they are, but the reality is quite different.

    JBomb - I wonder how many of them even know what to do with a gun? They'd prolly hold it sideways like the morons in hollywood.

    KingShamus - "Blame Bush" is pretty much used up, so I agree that "Blame Keef" should replace it.

    Jaded - Oooh! That'd be cool. I could swear that we've exchanged emails, but heck if I could find your address. Please hit me from the "contact innominatus" link in the right-side column.

    Andy - Depends on how many tix he gives me. If I bring my wife (who also likes the Blazers) then I'll have to put the camera away and complain about the cheerleaders blocking my view. You know how it is. :)

  9. Mebbe it was Sartre they meant, instead of satire. Not that Sartre ever worried about violence. Err, well, mebbe not?


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