Tuesday, September 8, 2009

USFS stupidity continues unabated

My faithful and long-time readers may be able to remember way back to a few days ago when I griped about the Spotted Owl birdbands I have to make periodically. Our Forest Service friends in Big Government are up to their old tricks. Last week, they ordered 4 custom "Employees Only" signs and one "Please Use Front Door" sign. They needed to see proofs. They needed color swatches to take back to the office. They had to talk about it in committee. Then they decided that maybe it should say "Please Use Main Entrance" instead, with another round of proofs and discussions. Finally, they settled on a nice sapphire blue w/ white lettering. Should have been no big deal; the whole project barely ran to $100. But not much money gettin' made with all that hoop-jumping just to settle the details of the job. I wish I could tell them to go choke on a coyote turd, but the gubmint is about the only entity around here with money to spend, so I need to, um, just shut up.

So I made their little signs and they picked them up and told me how much they liked them. Then this morning, they say that rather than sapphire, they really wished they'd ordered them in some kind of wood-tone. So more color swatches and more committees. Now they want them re-done in Colonial Walnut. Great. Their signs now look like they're made from the paneling of some '70s living room wall. And we get to charge them you taxpayers another hundred or so bucks. Da-da-da-da-da I'm lovin' it!


  1. You'd be surprised how often the same shit goes down in the corporate world, my friend.

  2. But, good Dr, the taxpayers ain't shelling out the money!

    Higher education is the same way; there'e not enough time to do it right, but there is enough time (and money) to do it over.


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