Friday, September 4, 2009

Chip Kelly: I Hope He Fails!

Chip Kelly was promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach of the Oregon Ducks and last night was his first game against the Boise State Broncos. For the record, I am a OSU Beaver and I hate the Ducks with the white-hot fury of a thousand supernovae. I rather like Boise State, but I cared more about the Ducks losing than the Broncos winning.

I got my wish! The Ducks looked wretchedly awful. Then they lost ALL composure at the end of the game...

Watch it soon before ESPN has it pulled from YT.

This Beav is happy today!



  1. ducks and beavers? really? well i guess i can't say anything. we're the volunteers. ooooh scary.

  2. Beavers first.

    Oregon schools second.

    NW schools (except for Washington) third.

    Pac-10 schools (except for Washington) fourth.

  3. Crap I went to hit play and got an error message. Not that I care about sports but i cheer your enthusiasm.

  4. labcat: ducks aren't too scary. Beavers can reach 60 lbs. Be afraid, very afraid!

    OG: Me against my brothers, me and my brothers against my cousins... I figured your beliefs to be less equivocated than that! :)

    WHT: Yes, bring on the Jets and the rest of the NFL! Enough with the preseason!

    Red: It still works for me but is PAINFULLY slow. I should have found a better link. But I'm lazy. I'll make it up to you somehow...

  5. Jeez...these POS athletes are just as bad as politicians sometimes.

  6. Equivocal?


    Then let me add, "Any school in the country, except for Washington."

    (Laughs out loud.)


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