Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help me, crazy liberals, you're my only hope!

Most of you know, Gov. Patterson from NY and President Obeyme have been having a little go-round lately, accusing each other of pulling each other down in the polls. Obama tells Patterson "You suck. You're bringing down democrats statewide!" And Patterson comes back with "No, you suck! You have the most liberal congress ever, but you still haven't passed diddly."

There must be some racism involved here. There just has to. But I am not enlightened enough to discern it. So I throw this out to the liberals and enlightened conservatives (enlightened conservatives? Ga-ha-ha-ha-hee-hee!) to explainify it to me.

Patterson is black and mostly blind. Now that's victimhood, baby! But Obama is the Great Race Healer Incapable of Racial Malice. This is the immovable object (Patterson being blind and "blacker" than Bams) vs the irresistable force (any criticism of Obugger is racist by definition) conundrum. But liberals have this racism thing all figger'd out, so I'm confident they can help me "get it."


  1. They won't help you. They'll just call YOU racist.

  2. It is Racist for you to even speak of Racism, quit trying to use Racism to deflect from your innate racism you RACIST. You have no hope of understanding Race issues. In order to understand Racism you must be the victim of Racism and since you are probably white and definitely a conservatism you are the inflicter of hate and can never be a victim you RACIST


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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