Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hines Ward fumbled near the goal line and gave me a GIANT heart attack. What's most amazing about that, is that I have such a withered, cold, tiny heart, it takes a lot to give me such a giant heart attack. Thankfully my Steelers won it in OT. But heartbeat still ain't quite right. Dizzy. Not thinking clearly. Tunnel vision. Craving organically grown produce and free-range escargot. Hopefully there's a pill for this...


  1. I hope you recover, brother Innominatus; I was cured of the pro football fever in the early 80's when the Cowboys started their downward slide. So sorely disappointed, I swore off professional sports, pretty much for good. Now I am more or less happy.

    But being a Steelers fan, I can see how your heart would be cold, tiny and flinty.

    Sorry, that's the old Cowboy's fan talkin'.

  2. Tell me about it. I about lost my mind, just as Ward did. He appeared to be the most distraught man in America after that play. Both units stepped up and brought us through.

    @ aA, we endured the 80's, and some pretty mediocre teams...AS WELL AS THE FACT THEY DIDN'T DRAFT MARINO!!!!


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