Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barry failing at unsustainable rate

Rasmussen's latest. How does 45% sound? I like it. Instead of the "daily tracking poll" Rasmussen should give it a better name like "daily joy generator" or "today's happy fun numbers." It's like there's a new present under the tree. Every single day.

The downside, though, is that it can't last. No, I don't mean President Obeyme will turn things around and improve his numbers. That could happen, but what I'm talking about is that Barry's nosedive will flatten out a little bit. No matter how bad he screws up, there is a certain percentage that will just never turn on him. Some pundits figure that these loyalists are about 30% of likely voters. Whether that 30% number is true or whether the real number is something else doesn't matter much - there is a floor of support that Barry may asymptotically approach but never really break through. Once he gets there the daily tracking numbers will level off and stop going down. And I will have one less thing to look forward to each day. Sniff.


  1. "today's happy fun numbers'..."Happy Fun" is the no. 6 lunch special at my local Asian lunch counter.

  2. WHT, I'll buy both you and Red a big bowl of #6 Happy Fun if there's no 2nd term!

  3. I like Happy Fun Numbers as well. In fact, it should spawn sequels: Happy Vote Totals, Happy Pack Your Bags and Move Back to Cesspool You Were Spawned From, things like that.

  4. I'm waiting for Happy Someone in touch and less narcissistic without a shady commie past as President and Vice President Common Damn Sense.

  5. I think that it's hard to get under 40%

  6. President Obeyme. Good one. Today it's down to 39% strongly disapprove and 53% disapprove overall. Looks like he should reach that 30% plateau very soon.


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