Wednesday, September 16, 2009

QuickPost 9/16 - Racism on the Left

Hey, all you guano-flicking moonbats! Yeah, you! You're a bunch of racists!

Do you have a problem with Justice Clarence Thomas? with Condi Rice? with Thomas Sowell? with Michael Steele? with Walter Williams? with Alan Keyes? with Zo?

You do? You're a racist!!!!!

"But we don't have a problem with their race, only with their policies"

Shaddup, racist! You've shown yourself to be a rotten racist lowlife and nothing else you say matters. You have nothing to contribute. Go home and take a nap under your KKK blanket.


  1. I have noticed the scarcity of handgun ammo, white sheets, white pillow cases, and rope at my local Walmart.

  2. These evil bastards got kohones. I went out and found a bunch of their real racist quotes and threw 'em up today, just to see if I'd get any trolls.

  3. I long for the day when "race" is once again a reference to a contest of speed.

    That way the slow-witted moonbats will be able to be outpaced fair and square.


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