Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thoughts on Sarah Palin

She's still making news, with a book due out just in time for Christmas. (hint-hint) I am a Palin fan, but this morning a question popped into my head: Why? Why am I a Palin fan? If she were to run again for elected office, I don't feel like I really know how she'd govern. I just like her. There's something unsatisfactory about that - while I know I'd vote for her in a heartbeat, part of me would be saying that's no better than people voting for Obama just 'cuz they 'like' him. So I'm hoping the book will spell out her positions clearly.

As an example of the questions I have, we know that she's a social conservative (not a bad thing, by my reckoning) that also has a individualist/state's rights streak (very much not a bad thing, by my reckoning). Which of those aspects of her beliefs would prevail in her policies? I find myself often being pulled in both of these directions, even to the point of struggling to define where I land on the liberty/morality spectrum. This puts me all over the place on the issues. I think she might be in the same boat, and I hope her book discusses these things.

Right or wrong, I also kind of see her like I see Sarah Connor or Ripley from the Alien movies: an ordinary mom-figure, pressed into dire straits and heroically warding off relentless attacks. That invokes a real visceral kind of sympathy, and I find myself genuinely rooting for her to prevail. I know, I know - crummy reason to support a political figure. Hopefully the book is heavy on policy and light on personal issues, so that I have better reasons for liking her.

I admit, though, that if she came out onstage in a giant robotic forklift machine and told Andrew Sullivan "Get away from Trig, you b****!" she'd have my undying support forever!


  1. I have to be honest, I've never been a Palin fan. I just don't have the sense that she has the substance for the job. I just get the idea that she's kind of "empty." That being said, I think she should run for the House or Senate to get some experience and a better grip on the issues.

  2. I like Palin's honesty. In a day and age when practically every politician is lying to us, I know that Sarah will tell it like it is.

  3. @Red - not gonna happen!

    @Matt - Burn the Heretic! :)

    @OTC - I actually had something about her honesty in my first draft, but then totally spaced it after making some revisions. Do'h!

  4. Moose shootin' in Alaska better qualifies her to lead the country than a community organizing lawyer any day in my book.

  5. I feel much the same as you, Innominatious. Totally, completely. I like her cuz I like her, and am not that sure about her cuz I'm just not that sure about her.

    She is a doll, though. Or as a fiend of mine from high school woulda said, "Whew-dadgum!"

  6. Living in the southernmost tip of Alaska--Astoria--there is an almost greenhouse effect that you're going to notice; that is, because she has been physically isolated from the hurly-burly world of our nation's liars, cheats and thugs, she has been able to retain an essential core of common sense.


    The Left likes to imagine itself as being nuanced. The effect of this nuance is that the Left is rarely able to make common sense proposals about much of anything. Their nuance reduces their pronouncements to mere utterance. They spend time on quibble and equivocation in the name of being a member of the Elite.

    Actually, I think it is a cover for having nothing of any utility to say. But if their lips are moving, they are demonstrating how much smarter they are than you.

    I don't need a political leader--notice I don't say politician--who is smarter than me. I don't require them to constantly remind me of their brilliance.

    What I would choose is a leader who has the grace to simply lead by word and example.

    It's pretty easy to follow a leader who sets a good example. And leading from the front would be a huge change from our current form of activity being demonstrated by our current President.

  7. better than voting for obama, at least

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  9. As long as she's always holding a gun, she's got my vote.

    BT f'''ing way: What Great Reader said.


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