Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Upon further review...

After reviewing the play from every different angle, I can only conclude that in the case of the Great Presidential School Speech, we on the right got punked. Obama is a divisive lefty weasel. We know it. We've seen enough of him to know that he'd love to proselytize our kids with his ecohealthyhopeychange, and we made a rightful stink about Obama demanding audience with our kids. So Barry backs off - and instead of it being an Obama Youth recruiting message, 'Bams comes along and gives a very mainstream mom & apple pie kind of speech that catches us off guard. His supporters can now say "See? You haters make him out to be the bogeyman! He's not! He's just a normal, patriotic, hard-working guy like everybody else!"

Well, we know he's full of crap. A goodly portion of America also knows he's full of crap. But in this one instance, he got us. Not gonna pretend otherwise.


  1. I thought that might happen, especially after we raised a stink about it. We always have to remember that the lefties will try to set us up. The Clintons tried all the time in the 90's. This is the first time that the POTUS got us. Let's make sure it's the last.

  2. I recall hearing something about the harvesting of children's organs

  3. It amazes me, after the White House's refusal to produce anything last week, even an outline, which I'm sure could have been done, that today there are the moderates thinking those of us who believed he metered his speech, based on the response (once again, as I've said before, he's just using us and the MSM instead of having to pay for polls) what came forward.

    If there really wasn't going to be anything other than the speech he gave, then why not provide it, especially when the bone of contention was specifically what might be seaid?

    You're right. Got played and now the middle will think The WON was the bigger man, when he manipulated it all along. I'm sure Axelrod, Rahm and The WON popped a bottle of bubbly tonight..

  4. Nah, man...nobody showed up to school anyway. Hell, my indoctrinating of my kid against the 10 kids Obugger indoctrinated today for every one of him is as powerful as having 10 votes against Obugger for every moonbat who gives him a blowjob.

    Here's another snarker you should know about.

  5. Obama is playin a shell game. Which peanut shell is it under now?


    Look over there! While he pulls off some crime in another area. He reminds me of gang-bangers who are wanna-be Playas. Obama is on Baller Status thanks to asshole choices like McCain for Prez. Ooops, did I say asshole? Sorry I went all Van Jones on ya.


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