Monday, January 17, 2011

Like a weed whacker to the head

So.  It's Saturday.  Time for a haircut.  I go down to the Barber Shop.  A real one.  The kind where there are NOT full-color hairstyle books for one to flip through.  The kind with a big flatscreen showing the Duke game while Men discuss Important Stuff... 

Unfortunately, the guy barber wasn't there.  His wife was.  She's cut my hair before and it hasn't been a problem.  So she cuts and snips and hands me a mirror.  "I could take a little more off if you'd like."  It was close to where I wanted it, but still a tad long.  "OK."  Next thing you know, my hair is the shortest it has EVER BEEN.  I was born with more hair than that.  Wow.  The sides aren't really any longer than my couple-days-worth of unshaven-faced-ness.  The outrage!

I figger this is something that HAS to be shared, so I set up the camera.  If you think that I look all pasty from the flash washing out all the color, you'd be wrong.  That is really how I look.  That is how everybody in western Oregon looks.  It hasn't stopped raining for like 8437 straight days.  It is like that stupid story I had to read in middle school.  It is horrible.  There's a mudslide warning on the radio.  It has been so cloudy for so long that last month I got sunburn from my neighbor's Christmas lights.  Make it sunny and gimme back my hair!

Photo 1 caption:  In the ongoing war between the forehead and the hairline, the forehead is winning.
Alternate caption:  Heyyyyyy, Joker!

Photo 2 caption:  Wow, dude.  Them's some screwy looking ears!
Alternate caption:  You have 5 seconds to get off my lawn and I've already spent four seconds warning you!


  1. Inno, keep it. I think it looks good and once you get used to it you'll agree and wear it like that.

  2. Inno, good thing is that it will grow back out. I've gotten a few of those "Good 'Ol Boy" cuts myself! Always felt that it looked like I escaped from L.A., that is Lower Alabama!

  3. I like it. Of course I've been wearing mine in a high and tight since 1981. And I'm losing the follicle battle, badly. I may even shave mine all the way.

    I'll post a picture.

  4. Inno, it doesn't look that bad. Just think, it can grow out!. At least she didn't get too carried away and shave your whole head.

  5. Dude, DADT,,lol But you look like an American to me.

    I actually have to shave off my beard and go back to the goatee (Wifey) as well,,,you get it.

  6. I like it! But then, I've always been a sucker for a military-looking guy.

    One lesson we learned when The Son was growing up and that guy who played at Oklahoma and used to carve stuff into his hair was popular and much-emulated by the kids -- hair will always grow back, but tats are forever. Ask the son to show you his tat that's some Klingon symbol and words.

    It's good for the ears to get some fresh air every now and then -- smile!

  7. Deb - My problem is that I'm too lazy/busy to get to the barber when I should get a haircut. A couple more Saturdays end up going by before I finally make it happen, which leaves me lookin' like a wookie.

    Scooney - Helps me stand out here in hippie-infested Oregon!

    Six - So far the only place I'm losing it is along the forehead there. The gray areas don't seem to be losing any at all. :/

    Amusing Bunni - It really isn't drastically shorter than normal. I'm OK with it. But "blogger gets decent haircut" just didn't sound like a very interesting post topic.

    Christopher - My wife actually LIKES it when I have grubby facial hair.

    Moogie - I was smiling. You should see me when I'm angry! :)

  8. Old joke, but true...

    Q: What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?

    A: Two weeks.


    Wv: parkya. As in parkya butt right-cheer and I'll shear ya.

  9. Inno at IOTW:
    "I gotta belt sander that’ll fix that right up.

    (Oooh, sorry about the overheated rhetoric…)"

    You kill me!

  10. lol Buck said it all INNO...u look like a Marine now ~!

  11. High speed, low drag. And doesn't get messed up in the wind.

  12. Honestly, Inno, I like it. As you know, I started wearing a buzz cut last Spring. Well, maybe you didn't know, but I did.

    I don't think I'll ever go back to hair. The maintenance is so dang easy...and I've saved a bunch of bucks from not visiting the barber shop since then.

    Once you get used to the look, I think you'll stick with it. Seriously, you oughta give a #1 buzz a try just out of curiosity.

    Not to sound gay here (hopefully), but you're a handsome dude. You can wear your hair any dang way that's comfortable, and get away with it.

    Just my two cents.

  13. Well, look on the bright side - at least you have hair.


    The whole thing; pictures, story, captions, everything.

    Great stuff.

  15. Dude, the buzzcut look is better than the shaggy hipster douche trend I see too often.

  16. It's not so bad man.

    RE: the forehead, are you saying that you now have a five head?

  17. DUDE! you just broke my computer screen!

  18. I recognize that mug, been looking at the shot down at the Post Office for years. Hope you have an identical twin brudder, just so I can just be shornly mistaken.

  19. The haircuts are even worse when the barber speaks little English.

  20. You now look a lot closer to the profile Janet Napolitano has for conservatives to watch.

  21. Well, since I am so late to this, your hair has had a chance to fix the situation on its own, to a certain extent.

    Didn't look that bad, although I am sure the temperature change was a shock to yo' hed.

    Just remember, there's always more hair on the inside just waiting to get out.


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