Monday, January 10, 2011

Comment of the Week

A couple posts back, Trestin left a winner:
Hippy girls are fun to mess with. I remember I had at the grocery store counter ask me if I wanted paper or plastic. I asked her which one would hurt the environment the most, she said plastic. I then looked in in the face, smiled, and said: "Then I'll have the plastic." She was not very happy.
 If ya ask me, that's just dripping with awesome.


  1. ...that's just dripping with awesome.


  2. Sometimes it is fun dealing with no-humor save the freaking earth liberals.

    Sometimes. Most of the time it's a chore.

  3. That's great! Getting even with libs is lovely.

  4. Inno, I saw this post, and could not agree more.

    When I saw Trestin's comment earlier, I felt it was worthy of being noted.

    You, sir, are a fine steward of the blogosphere.

  5. That IS a great comment! I'll have to use that the next time some self rightous hippy libtard wastes my time asking me such a STOOPID questin!

  6. God, this makes me want to go to Whole Earth Foods to do this.


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