Friday, January 7, 2011

Childhood memories

In the comments from the previous post, Deb brought to mind something I hadn't thought about in a long time...

When I was a child, I was abducted by a clan of Gypsies who took me to Thailand and...

Wait, wrong memory...

Oh yeah...  When I was about 12, I clearly remember the Jehovah's Witness folks coming around a lot.  One time I stood by the door while my Dad talked with them.  During the conversation, my Dad asked "Don't you Jay-Dubs believe that only 144,000 people will actually make it to Heaven?"  The witness responded in the affirmative.  So my Dad went on "So, say I am persuaded by you and convert.  Say I become, you know, like a Super-Dub and end up making Heaven and push you down to the 144,001 spot and you just miss it.  Wouldn't the irony be just unbearable?"

You could literally see the guy's brain synapses scrambling like a squirrel on the highway.  The witness finally answered "Well, if, by my outreach efforts you did attain that, it would reflect well on me and actually improve my standing."

After a pensive pause, Dad says "So what you're saying is that your whole religion is pretty much just another version of Amway?"

They didn't come by nearly as often after that one.


  1. Your Dad was a classic.

    Ain't yah glad yah picked him?

  2. So perfect! If your dad has that copyrighted, I'd like to talk to his manager about leasing it.

  3. My mother would never join into banter with JWs but she admired them. There was always a cup of tea offered.

  4. MAX - religious multi-level marketing for the win!

    Man o' Wonder - yeah, I scored pretty good.

    aA - Act now to lock in the affordable lease rate!

    Nickie - You were raised better than me.

  5. On the post in general: Heh. Brilliant work from your Dad.

    On this in particualr: I was abducted by a clan of Gypsies who took me to Thailand and...

    The Air Force abducted me and took me to Thailand. Twice. I have SUCH beautiful memories... :-)

  6. Well, this explains a lot!

    Wish I could've met your dad -- he sounds a lot like my FIL.


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