Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Libdork death throes

When I was a kid, a guy we know invited my family over for an old-fashioned turkey dinner... Complete with loppin' the head off the live turkey.  The headless bird fluttered around, then got on its feet and ran full-tilt about 30 feet, right into the back wheel of his pickup.  Blood-n-feathers everywhere.  It was shocking to a kid my age. 

You see, the bird was dead.  But...  There remained just enough spark in his nervous system for him to run around a make a total mess of things before he finally stopped twitching and started getting plucked.

What we've seen the last couple days is a nationwide, macro- version of the turkey.  The "mainstream" media is losing readers and viewers at an alarming (to them) rate.  Their credibility is shot.  They could have taken a lesson from the recent elections and modified they editorial positions, so that they weren't consistently insulting a large subset of America.  Stop the bleeding, one might say.

But no...  A tragedy occurs, and they turn the stupid up to eleven.  Sheriff Dupnik Poopdik tries to blame everybody but the one who actually pulled the trigger.  Krugman at the NYT, Halperin at TIME Magazine, and every leftoid blogger - they all suddenly want to blame Palin/Tea Party/racists/whatever.  Constant coverage.  Non-stop coverage.  Analysis of the analysis...

And the nation yawns.  Nobody cares.  Oh, the nation cares about the tragedy.  The nation cares about those who were lost and those who are still fighting to recover.  But precious few care what the talking heads have to say about it.  On this issue, they went "all-in" with what's left of their credibility and lost.  Now all that's left for them is to finish their mad dash towards the back wheel of the pickup.


  1. And the finger pointing goes on and on and on. Good post.

  2. I love it when you're "Chest Out Smart"!

  3. Inno, that woulda been way cool!

    I wish I'd have been there with y'all when that turkey got slaughtered. Memories are made of such things, indeed!

  4. Agreed on the MSM, not so much about the Left, in general. The Left is like Frankenstein, or mebbe zombies is a better analogy. The undead... but really, rilly SCARY.

  5. I had a case of insomnia awhile back and nuttin wud cure me of staring at the ceiling all night.

    Then one morning it dawned on me. Just before I lay me head down to sleep I turn on a liberal media news (oops wrong word) cast and bingo, bango, bongo 15 seconds tops, I'm dead to the world.

    I guess the liberal media has been listenin' to themselves too, they are dead to the truths in the world.

  6. The sad thing about the MSM is they don't see themselves as a dying breed. They are convinced that as the elite, they represent the better element of America and what they believe, America believes and what they want is in the best interest of America.

  7. You pretty much nailed it. I will never forget walking out the back door at around 6 years of age and finding headless chickens flying about, landing on bushes and taking off again.

    Grandma was getting food ready for the winter.

    Isn't it curious that now the media wants to change the "tone"?

    When leftists attacked a military recruiting office, the media was not interested in changing the tone.

    When arsonists burned down Sarah Palin’s church, the media was not interested in changing the tone.

    When rioters tried to burn down Seattle during a free trade summit, the media was not interested in changing the tone.

    Suddenly, by falsely casting blame, they want to push for a "change in tone". Sorry, but the only "tone" that needs changing is theirs.

  8. Dunno, Inno. I don't think we can compete with free t-shirts.

  9. I still wish I'd have been there when that turkey bit it...that woulda been WAY cool! My brothers and I woulda laughed about that for years around the table at Thanksgiving.


    Inno, some kids get all the luck!


  10. What a great analogy. But I'm going to have to deduct 3 points for using angry rhetoric.


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