Sunday, January 2, 2011

So in love with me (bumped)

Some people aren't having much luck with this player.  I'm bummed, 'cuz I like goofing around with audio and would like to include more of it in my posts - but only if it works good for everybody.  So if you don't hear that old DiVinyls song when you hit the play button, please let me know what browser and whether you're windoze/mac/linux/whatever so I can try to figure it out.  Also, the player uses Flash, so you have to have that enabled. 

Click the "play" button


  1. Let me be the first to say it: Heh.

  2. hey Inno, will you call me to help me with my blog template when you have a sec? email me if you don't have my cell..

  3. Inno, Not working here on my end? I have seen a video related to that picture though.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Buck - Thank ya

    Patti - Dunno if I'm the one to ask if you still want it to work when I'm done...

    Christopher - you didn't miss much. Just about 5 seconds of music. I was mainly experimenting to see if it would work. It does for me, so I guess I'm about halfway there.

  5. It must be hard to be self centered and a failure.

  6. Narcissism is a terrible thing.

  7. Trestin - Give Barry some credit, he can do things that are hard like that.

    Matt - Especially when it is so groundless

    Race - Probably. Everything was fine until she commented here. I think her blogcooties are contagious.

  8. Hi Inno, that was funny, he's about the only person who would. hee he.

    Happy New Year, to you and yours!

  9. Inno Dude,

    You owe me a new mouse!!!!!

    I dun wore mine out tryin' to click on sumtin that ain't there.

    Wait a minute. I do that a lot, maybe I am Presidential material after all.

  10. It works if I come to comments then back again. Otherwise it won't play. My hearing is so crappy, I'm not sure what he's saying. He or Me ?

    Mac, Firefox, Latest Flash.


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