Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twitter Statements Considered Harmful

Twitter Statements Considered Harmful.

Congrats if you're a big enough geek to get that reference without clicking the link. I think Twitter would be OK if it only had a better name. So if you're a venture capitalist and want to send me some seed money to get a more manly version of Twitter going, feel free. I'll spend it wisely. I'm still struggling to come up with a good name, though. So far, I'm leaning towards DOOM - Dynamic Overrated Overhyped Messaging. I'm confident a real man would prefer something like DOOM over Twitter.

But then again, I have this silly little blog thingy where I can post the same kind of junk, and not be restricted to that girly little 140 character limitation. DOOM will allow at least 150 characters. And emoticons will not be tolerated. But DOOM isn't running yet, because you haven't sent the cash. Guess I'll have to stick to the blog for now. So here's a bunch of psuedorandom stream-of-consciousness twittery kind of junk to tide you over until DOOM becomes self-aware...


It's finally summer here. The other day was high 90s and we had to turn on the AC for the first time. We're back down in the 80s now but at least it kinda feels like July. I was worried that we'd sequestered too much carbon and there'd be no summer at all.


I have two dogs. Chance, seen in my gravatar pic, is half Rott and half Bloodhound. I call him a Bloodweiler 'cuz it scares the kiddies. Sunshine is the female and acts like it. Very emotional. Her mom is Golden Retriever and her dad is Great Dane & Lab. She looks like a big lab with slightly longer fur. Chance weighs about 115lbs and Sunshine about 105. Sunshine needs to lose a little and get down to about 90, but she doesn't like it when I say so. While big, both are very friendly. Chance is very leggy and really fast when he has room to get up to speed. When he runs, he reminds me of a young horse with his legs seeming to go all over the place. Chance has a bad habit of pulling things off the kitchen counter when we're not home. At least we think it's Chance. We never seem to catch them in the act. When I drink coffee, I don't screw around - I drink if from a big plastic Big Gulp cup. So yesterday, I put my finished Big Gulp o' Java in the sink, still about half-full of water from my rinse-out. We ran some errands, and when we got home there was evidence that Chance had been in the kitchen. A box of something was all tore up, and my cup, STILL HALF FULL was standing upright in the middle of the living room near the shredded cardboard. No signs of spillage anywhere. I couldn't bring myself to scold him, since that is just pretty darned amazing.


One of the errands I mentioned above was to go get a flag to display out front. It's sad how few there are in our town. I have a *big* WWII era 48-star flag hanging on the living room wall, but until yesterday had nothing outside. Shame on me. My next-door neighbor is cool though, he actually bugles Taps (poorly) every evening when he brings his flag down.


For an organism to prosper, it must know how to survive. For the species to prosper, the parents must train their offspring how to survive. For the cycle to continue, though, the parents have to teach their offspring how to train their offspring how to survive. Parenting lessons, so to speak.

The Greatest Generation, the ones who bested the Depression and the Axis powers, begat the mostly-loathesome Boomers. So the generation before the Greatest Generation did well at training their offspring to survive, but didn't get the parenting part properly instilled. So we ended up with a bunch of boomer hippie freaks in the '60s who are Senators today, because that generation that grew up during the Woodrow Wilson era broke the cycle. However one tries to analyze the ailments of modern America, sooner or later one realizes that it's all Woody's fault. Big-time liberalism pretty much had its origins in Wilson. Big government, internationalism and hippie freaks all come courtesy of Woody. Thanks a lot, Woody.


I love the 4th of July. I am an unapologetic jingoistic flag-wavin' American. I love the National Anthem - except that time Roseanne sang it. I love F-15s flying over football games. I love those YouTube clips of our guys in Apache helicopters blowing up their guys in pickup trucks. I don't love most country music, but I really do love the patriotic sentiment found in some of the songs.

But I also admire national pride expressed by others. I love those pics of Iraqis with purple fingers. I love how the Hondurans are telling the rest of the world to get bent. I love how the Iranians stood up to tyranny. I love it when some country whose name I can barely pronounce gets an Olympic medal or wins a soccer game, and their countrymen get jazzed about it and cheer and wave their flags. God Bless 'em all!


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  1. New name for twitter?
    Something like: Hey! listen to this, idiot! would work


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