Friday, July 17, 2009

Cursed Cell Phones!

I used to like Motorola back in the '80s when they were David to Intel's Goliath. Good times, good times. Man, that seems like a long time ago. Now I have this totally fracking stupid moto phone. This morning it showed about 2/3 charge. Shoulda been fine all day. But noooooo.... Now it's doing that periodic "low battery" cheep that makes me want to strangle people. I can find NO WAY to mute it. Yeah, I get it - the battery is low. Fine, just shut up! Save some of that precious charge for something more important than annoying me, please!

Want to really torture some Gitmo detainees? Lock 'em in a room with a dozen low-battery Motorola crap-phones.


  1. lol mine isnt any better !and have an awesome weekend my friend!:)

  2. Go CrackBerry, man...I've had three in a row. LOVE 'em.

    (Helps to delete moonbat comments on your blog before it's too late, too!)

  3. Yeah, Motorola used to make computer processors, too. The Mac "Gx" line of processors and they just slaughtered the Intel chips in speed, reliability and non-furnace activities.

    My old G5 Mac was rock-solid till they took it away, and now we have Intel Core Duo iMacs, and while the OS is still better, the machines get hot and are not near as reliable. Alas.

    I feel your pain, though. My daughters have had several Razr fones and can't seem to keep them working.


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