Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama & Medvedev - Reward for pic!

There are several iterations of the "Handshake Pic" between Prezzez Obama and Medvedev floating around the internet (which, btw, is a series of tubes). Most of these pics are ordinary, some are full of that detestable super-smiley-fake-sincerity, while a choice few are begging to have a snarky caption applied to them. But somewhere this morning I saw one where the two were leaned in very close to each other, as though whispering, and Medvedev had an unmistakable frown. Dunno if 'Bama got the sushi breath, or if maybe he gleeked on Med or what, but it was a funny pic.

Can't remember where I saw it. I've traversed my browser history and can't find it. Searched Google Images and zilch. I want that pic. I want it bad! I will reward handsomely the one who points me toward this pic of The Won.

Reward is negotiable, but be assured - it will be handsome. Which means it will probably include a framed portrait of me. Just get me that pic!


  1. it's good to see the president shaking hands with a puppet

  2. Matthew, I like how your comment is just vague enough that we can fill in our own blanks about which one is which!


Family-friendly phrasing heartily encouraged.


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