Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer's here!

Summer's here, and the time is right
for dancing in the street!
for whining 'bout the heat!

A couple weeks ago I was sniveling about the temps barely reaching 70. Euripides suggested I should move to Phoenix. But I've flown through Sky Harbor a couple times when the temp was about 111. Not gonna do it!

Now we're mid-90s looking at 100 for the weekend. Finally feels like July. But my little joke of a window-mount AC is making funny noises. Scary. Without that little white box, I'm a dead man. When it's hot here, it's hot. I used to have a neighbor from Saudi Arabia. One year when it got to about 103 he was complaining about how nasty it is, saying that 125 back home in the desert was actually more bearable. That gives me an idea - there's actually a whole series of blog posts I could do on that Crazy Saudi Guy. Interesting dude.

Also, today when I was putting on a T-Shirt, I raised my arm to get it through the armhole. Absentmindedly, my raised hand went right into the ceiling fan. Yes, it was on. No, it didn't hurt. That's due to a combination of my fan being a worthless turd, and me being invincible - but mostly because I'm invincible.


  1. Don't let Obugger know you have a ceiling fan. He might send the Earth police over and shoot you for using it.

  2. Dont feel bad, at least where you live you do not get 2 inches of rain everyday between now and November (Not to mention a hurricane or two thrown in for god measure)

  3. aw come to NYC.we'll dance in the street together..ha :)

  4. I have hit the ceiling fan NUMEROUS times.

    My in-laws' old house had a fan that was right at 6 feet three inches above the floor. I would stand under it while it was running and let it gently slap me on the top of the head. "fap fap fap fap..." till they laughed.

    I miss that joke. new house has 10 foot ceilings.


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