Thursday, July 30, 2009

iOTW rules, and other great news

I've been a fan of i Own The World for quite a while. The first time I clicked over there, there was a comic-book style depiction of Biden having delusions of killing pirates and saving the Maersk Alabama. The artwork was excellent, and the storyline was laugh-out-loud. I've been visiting there are couple times a day ever since. I put them in my sidebar links, too. Unfortunately, my sidebar links are pretty far down the page and you may have missed them since you're too lazy and/or illiterate to read the whole bill before you vote on it I mean read that far down the page. At least that's what the liberals like to say about you, but they're probably lying again.

So yesterday, out of nowhere, I get an email from iOTW asking how I'd feel about them linking up my "Barry, healer of race relations" post. I tried to remain cool and aloof. "Um, yeah, I'll have my people get with your people and maybe we can work something out. Ciao, baby."

Yeah, right! I was double-freak-out-McJazzed about the whole idea. Like Sally Field getting her Oscar, only not quite as annoying. OK, when I told my wife about it she wasn't so impressed. I think she'd rather watch reruns of Sally Field getting her Oscar than listen to me talk about my blog. So maybe it was just as annoying. I'll let you know after the votes are tallied.

But the good news is, as my popularity is on the rise, Obama's is fading. He was booed on the way through North Carolina. His numbers are splattin' the crapper. Coincidence? I think not!


  1. I love that site as well. The cartoons are hilarious. That's how I first came across your site, through the comments you posted there. Congrats on the link!

  2. Ditto on finding your site @ IOTW..

    Didn't know there were any sane people left in the Northwest Territories!!

    Please keep it coming!!

  3. Great news on the link. BigFurHat was kind enough to give me one a couple weeks back. Them boys over there is good people.

    That Barry post is awesome, and it should be picked up.

    What Sailingbum said: Keep it coming.

  4. "Splattin the crapper."

    You are a poet, and I hopr you're right!

  5. booooooooooooooooo!..but will that lessen his power?..


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