Tuesday, July 14, 2009

State of the Blog Address

Been having fun with this lately, just wish I had more free time. Picked up some followers and got some comments from new visitors. I really appreciate that. Traffic is up, but "up" is relative. Ever see those "I'm a flappy bird" or "I'm an intestinal worm" or whatever in the TTLB Ecosystem widgets that people put on their blogs? When I went to thetruthlaidbare.com to sign up, they said "You're not even an insignificant microbe. You're a couple molecules short of being an amino acid. Go away, you no-traffic loser!"

Fine! I didn't want your stupid blog-slowing widget anyway!


I'm also finding that I'm having more fun visiting lesser known blogs rather than the biggies. Yeah, I still go to hotair, ace, etc, to see what's in the news, but rarely get involved in the comments. There's just too much going on; too many divergent conversations to try to filter through. I find that a lot of the smaller blogs have equal (or superior) insights and the discussions in the comments are more rewarding. These bloggers also don't have to worry about offending an advertiser, so they can really call it like they see it.

So when you see a blog with Followers, click on a few and see what they're all about. See who they're following and click there, too. Click on somebody's comment and see what they have to say back on their own blog. You'll find that there is just a TON of perceptive, inspiring and downright hilarious content out there that is going under-appreciated.


  1. It's never the size of the dog...

  2. Yep...it's the madness of the blogger.

  3. BTW...been meaning blog roll ya.

    Tis now done.

  4. I'm all about quality over quantity. Besides, all the big blogs are showing the same stories. It's info overload.


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