Tuesday, July 28, 2009

America getting dumber at an unsustainable rate

I assert that Americans is getting dumberer at an alarming rate. The evidence is mounting. You've likely seen the clip if the California dingbat solving all the world's problems. I like OregonGuy's take on it the best so far. Then there's the paranoid toxic oxide rainbow death girl. Neither should Miss South Carolina's contributions be overlooked. I could also link up something said by Maxine Waters, but that would scare people away from my blog forever. Don't want that. But you see the pattern, nonetheless.

The problem is that it takes DOZENS of Stephen Hawkings just to cancel out those four mentioned above - and keep the intelligence bell curve from totally falling off the left side of the page. So far, though, there has only been one Hawking, and I'm pretty sure he isn't even an American. Can you see the trouble we're in? Meanwhile, advances in AI are getting truly scary. How long until the machines surpass our intelligence? Looks to me like it will happen some time this weekend. What will be your response? Have you even made your plans yet? Better get on it!

Personally, I'm stocking up on commemorative Obama glassware and fortifying my treefort. I'll see you after the apocalypse...


  1. Sorry, didn't mean to pick on Oregonians in that other post!

    But, come on, you guys don't even have self service gas station!


  2. Oh Wolfman, you meant it! And I don't really disagree!

    Do you really want the average Oregonian to have ready access to machines that pump large volumes of highly flammable liquids? I don't either.


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