Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama running out of friends

[Happy Dance!]

Today's Daily Tracking Poll* from Rasmussen shows D'ohBama's approval has finally dipped below 50%. For those still wandering in a cloud of ignorance, this poll is a three-day rolling average. Which means that today's numbers don't yet fully include the effects of The Great Prime-Time Healthcare and Stupid Cops Oration. Then again, so few people watched it that the effect may be quite insignificant. But anyway, the teflon-coated invincibility that had been ascribed to The One now looks like cheap Chinese lead based paint that peels right off.

Like Limbaugh, I hope he fails. Thankfully he has, for the most part. Except when he's retained Bush-era policies. Those seem to mostly work OK. But I was pretty spooked when Porkulous got passed - I'd figured that if a turd that smelly could be passed, then we were really in for it. I was sure that by summertime we'd have recently-amnestied Guatemalan witchdoctors doing our single-payer tonsilectomies in carbon-neutral "green building practices" hospitals built from blocks of cowpoop adobe with windmills on the roof.

But somehow the stench of Obama has made it past the hepafilter of the MSM and the people are starting to get it. My only "fear" now is that the economy will snap out of it in such a way that Bams can claim credit. Our system, even when shackled by outrageous demands from DC, is too strong to stay down for long. It will come back, at least most of the way. We are Americans, and We are Exceptional. Don't care if you don't like my attitude - it's true. Sooner or later we'll get our second wind. I just don't want Obama to also get a second wind by being able to say "Look! The Stimulizational Bill thing we ramrodded up your breechblock is working! I am vindicated! Now lemme fix healthcare, too!" No, Barry. Any success our country enjoys will be IN SPITE of your policies, not DUE to your policies. Remember that.

Right now Obama is running out of friends, and I like it that way. Remember when you were dividing up teams to play dodgeball, and there was that dorky highpants girlthrower who was always picked last? That's how I want Obama to feel.
*That link is to Rasmussen's Daily Average. They don't have separate links for each daily poll, so if you're slow and read this sometime after today, you may find that the numbers have changed. Maybe his numbers will be worse, or maybe he'll pull his weiner out of the deepfryer in time to salvage things. If you click the link and find that he's somehow back above 50%, well, shut up.


  1. With the amount of debt our country has taken on, my sense is that we're a long way from the road to recovery. I'm old enough to remember 4 long, economically-depressed years under Jimmy Carter. As Bill Clinton said, "It's the economy, stupid," and as it continues to lag so will Obama's approval numbers.

  2. Yep, you are a perceptive man without a name. So much good prose in here, I don't have time or energy to dissect and repeat it in the comments section just to tell you how dang clever you is.

  3. I too remember the Jimmy Carter Malaise that stuck around till Ronnie kicked it out!

  4. 1TC and aA: I was but an elementary school kid during the Carter years, but I actually remember crying when I found out that Carter beat Ford. Guess my distaste for liberals kicked in at an early age and I never had to go through Churchill's "young liberal -> old conservative" thing. My dad lost his business back in '80 because of Carter-era interest rates and I've been PO'd at irresponsible government ever since. Truly it's going to be a long slog out out of this mess. I just cringe at the thought of there being enough of these imaginary "green shoots" for the wreckless idiots in DC to wave the "Mission Accomplished! We've rescued the economy vote for us again" banner.

  5. See? You can rant well!

    I'm not sure we're going to have a recovery...I think the market gains of the last two weeks are inflated and will settle back down to previous levels soon. I think we're in for an up and down mix of good and bad news for some time, with unemployment figures going higher. If the CBO's estimates are right, that unemployment levels will remain high for 5 years, then Obugger is a one termer...PROVIDED the Republican party stays on message and hammers home limited government and reduced spending and sane, rational ways for fixing our problems.'s up to the Republican party not to screw it up.

  6. well done!..if Hussein wins again..we better move to Australia!

  7. Running out of friends? With much of the MSM on his side, he'll remain above 40%

  8. What about all the blood thirst dictators like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il? I'm sure they're still Obama's friend, what with the new era of peace and all.


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