Thursday, October 13, 2011

Useless Useful Idiots

Ever wonder why the #OWS screechmonkeys can't seem to come up with a coherent platform or vision? Is it because of inherent contradictions in their worldview? Is it all the disparate groups all muddled under one too-big-of-a-tent?

No. It is because of the Moonbat Rules of Polite Debate and Discourse, Vol. 2, Revised, which I dutifully present to you:

Chain of Hat Tips goes like this: Ace, Weasel Zippers, BreitbartTV, moron with camera

No wonder they accomplish nothing.  However, they do provide blog fodder for those days when nothing else is worth writing about.  Lars Larson made an impromptu visit to these cretins today during his radio show.  He had to do it wirelessly since Portland wouldn't let him lay down any wiring.  Unfortunately, as soon as he turned on his Verizon MiFi, the poor downtrodden fleabags overwhelmed his bandwidth with all their Proletariat iPhones and Oppressed Workers' MacBook Airs making the broadcast too choppy to continue.

Down the road in Eugene, (pronounced "M-O-S-C-O-W") some protohumans torched an SUV which had first been graffiti'd with various contradictory slogans and slams on Eugene mayor (and High Mistress of All Moonbats) Kitty Pearcy.  What sense that is supposed to make, I dunno.  That they've resorted to burning cars a-la the "youth" of Paris doesn't surprise me as much as the idea of them actually mastering fire.  I thought that was beyond them.  Especially here in the damp northwest.  It could signify one of those "apes whacking each other with femurs in that 2001 movie" kind of quantum leaps that make the hippies actually dangerous.  Or, it could mean one of 'em was lighting up his sneak-a-toke in the SUV and had a little problem.  I think the odds are pretty even either way.


  1. The OWS hippies provide comic relief on a day when I am troubled by other news.

    I know that it's not politically correct to mock people who don't bathe, and may have dropped acid one too many times...but I do.

  2. Inno, as you know I'm in the Gold Country for a few days ... Dude, I found some. Yup, here in Nevada City. There was about ten very smelly, dred-locked (not cleaned in a year), Deer in a head light looking, and 20ish looking kids. My wife (a very, I'm ashamed to say, apathetic person) asks, "why are you looking at them like "THAT" "? I just roll my eyes and Say, "the hippy craze was 45 years ago ... and what stupid M-Fer is going to "occupy" redneck country?"

  3. BO has finally fulfilled his fathers dream for America:

  4. Wonder what the middle finger means? lol

  5. This doesn't work, I've been sitting at the computer making these hand signals for the last 10 minutes and you haven't acknowledged me once? Wait, maybe I don't get it...

  6. Reelect Barack Obama and YOU TOO can have stuff for nothing, never bathe and poop in the streets.

  7. @Infidel de Manahatta, correction please ... It's never bathe and poop in the same street.

  8. F'n Andy stole my comment. I was gonna give the OWS asshats maximum Down Twinkles. Now I can't.

    Thanks, Andy.

  9. All of the OWS hippies need to crawl back into the wood work where they came from. Low life creeps!

  10. LL - Political Correctness is overrated. Mock at will.

    Odie - Wall Street and Gold Country are both overflowing with greedy rich bankers so both must be protested equally or something.

    Trestin - Now I don't have to join the Peace Corps. It's coming to my back door.

    stopsign - We have to have a discussion and reach a consensus about the meaning of that finger.

    Race - If you had a webcam turned on, I would have laughed myself to exhaustion.

    Infidel - Just wait! There will be even more of this nonsense it we *don't* re-elect the Commander in Chump.

    Odie - You are correct, sir. Streets are for sleeping on; patrol cars are for pooping on.

    Andy - Kinda like sneezing with a full bladder, eh?

    Buck - Stop whining. You're starting to sound like an OWS asshat.

    Scooney - I think you refer to their mommas' basements.

    Andy - See? We can be polite around here sometimes.

  11. Am I too late to the party?

    What's really happened is someone in the future has actually developed a time machine and gone back to the latter half of the 19th Century and transported these folk into today. They think they are still protesting Carnegie, Gould, Rockefeller, Huntington, Stanford, Crocker, et al. It would surprise me one bit if some started a chant, "Impeach Grant."

  12. Dead Red ConservativeNovember 8, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    I twinkle with that first comment.
    The funny thing is these people think that they are the smartest most intellectual people out there. Twinkle? Really?


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