Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Midweek Miscellaneous Musings

Nicaraguan Backhoe

Guatemalan Socket Set

Mexican Airbrush
American pResident

The "Occupy [insert town here]" people aren't very scary.  But still, you should be on your toes around them.  'Cuz there's a lot of their poo on the ground.


So Iran tried to arrange a hit on the Saudi and Israeli ambassadors.  And our response is...  wait for it... More sanctions.  What?  We're still holding sanction cards we haven't played yet?  Iran has been building nukes, threatening their neighbors, funding the Hezbos, stirring up the Shiite insurgency in Iraq (which got a bunch of our troops DEAD), ridin' around on motorcycles killin' their own people, yadda yadda.  And we haven't hit 'em with every single stinkin' sanction imaginable?  How much must a country misbehave before we go "all in" on sanctions?


Or maybe barry is just a lot more bothered about Saudi diplomats dying than our own troops....


Over at Proof's place the other day, I learned that a longhaired maggot-infested FM-type Occupy San Diego protester fell/jumped/was pushed to his death.  In the comments there, Smitty said:

Heh. Or should I say HEH!



  1. I can see CA legislators at work now...No Parking Structures Over One (1) Story High, "there, the people shall be safe"

  2. That Guatemalan socket that metric or SAE?

  3. Funny how the Iranian hitman story came out on the same day Holder got subpoenaed. They arrested the guy a a week ago.

  4. I see you started with a list of tools, followed by a number of observations about tools.

    I sense a theme.

  5. When it comes to Iran, I like the Nuclear Option.

  6. Well, options in regard to the latest Iranian escapade are pretty limited.

    You can't circumcise 'em, 'cause there ain't no end to them pricks.

  7. That picture of Barry - is that like his inner, true being? Every time he lies his ears get bigger?

  8. Which border is more critical to America's national security?

    The Pakistan-Afghanistan border, or the US-Mexican border?

  9. Hey, Infidel...

    Nyuk! My word verification is: sayintu.

    Seriously. Takin' a screenshot.

  10. Race - once cars are illegal, parking structures can be safely demolished for the good of all mankind.

    Proof - Metric. SAE is America-centric and therefore racist.

    tCL - Yeah, let the story simmer 'til it is "convenient." It's the hallmark of responsible journalism.

    Dean_L - Like a hand in a glove, they go together

    Odie - Yep. Knock enough Iranian dirt into the air to block the sun and cancel out that awful global warming.

    MAX - That is a very quotable quote which I fully intend to steal when the time is right.

    Infidel - if his ears grew every time he lied, his head would look like a Sopwith Camel. I think he was just born ugly.

    Silverfiddle - Thanks to Operation Fast and Furious, they are equally dangerous.

    Andy - when the wind blows just right, barry's ears make a noise like a trombone.

  11. On the Iran sanctions: see the Monty Python "Knights Who Say Ni" YouTube video.

  12. My GranDaddy had a different name for the top one: Channel Wrench.

    Have used the term many times since.


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