Monday, October 17, 2011

So tired I can barely think so I'll just link a bunch of YouTube junk

My daughter-in-law is staying with us for a while.  She's been using my computer a lot.  Which is fine.  Except for NOT LOGGING ME OUT of YouTube before she watched a *bunch* of stupid stuff that is now appearing all over my "channels you might like" section.  So if you're looking over my shoulder at stuff I look at on YouTube, you might think I'm a moron.  While that may be technically true, the YouTube junk is not valid evidence against me.
On days (like today) that I can barely stay awake, I watch this vid.  It'll usually give me enough of a boost to keep the eyes open for a half hour or so.

I'm not into Evanescence, but the song works for this vid.  And even stupid French-made delta-wingers look cool when they're rockin' through the Alps.  Ve haff an excellent Air Force ve promise nefer to use because ve are fiercely neutral, ja!
I saw this one on a friend of a friend's Facebook.  Note: I hate Facebook, but my wife uses it and she brought this to my attention.

Judging from the number of views it has, I must be the last person on earth to know about this.
Serious question:  If Cain is our nominee, won't that tend to suppress the black vote?  Maybe suppress isn't the right word.  Dunno.  But there's nothing historic about voting for pResident Obeyme a second time.  Nor much other reason to be excited about him.  Yet the majority of black vote usually goes to the dem.  So I can see a lot of people saying to themselves "Either way, we have a black man in office... Obama isn't all that great, and I don't really want to vote for Cain, so I think I'll just stay home this time."  Down-ticket races could end up being a slaughter.  In a good way, of course.
I'm in the middle of a whoppin' engraving project.  It's gonna take about 20 hours just of machine time.  Then and only then do I actually get around to the hands-on fiddling around.  Which means this would be a great time to be writing funny stuff.  If only I could think of some...
I'm a total sucker for this kind of buh-dadada-buh march beat.

Nugent's Stranglehold has it as well during some of the song.  Am I missing any others?
 In the previous thread, A Pissed Off Irishman noted the anti-Semitic vibe to the OWS protests.  This one is long and has some graphic scenes of the Holocaust. But it totally shreds the pro-life argument while illustrating ongoing anti-Semitism. Makes this one seem rather timely.

If ya don't have time to watch it right now, bookmark it and come back when you can.


  1. Airplane video: Anything that weighs more than a couple of tons and moves through the air like a hummingbird or an egret is definitely worth watching.

  2. Nugent is good. He's no Captain and Tennile of course.

  3. That was an eclectic collection of vids. I liked the plane pr0n best though. I would...


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