Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank heavens these guys are On The Job

This is artwork I just received that is to go on an award the City of ********* is giving itself.  I, for one, will sleep that much better knowing that these guys are ready to step up in the event of an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or spilled cappuccino.

If you stupid teabagger wingnuts would just allow yourselves to be taxed higher, maybe they could afford to buy a vowel.  Shame on the whole lot of you.


  1. ...maybe they could afford to buy a vowel.

    Heh. Where's Vanna when we NEED her?

  2. OEM was to have initiated a state-wide, Required Monthly Test. This test is repeated by every broadcaster (television and radio) in the state.

    It didn't occur, because nobody reminded them that it was on the schedule for the day.


  3. MORONS! They know how to spell Taxes and Gimme, though, right? yeah.

  4. You obviously have no compassion. The psychological trauma of spilled cappuccino can be lasting.

  5. I hope you're planning on producing it just as asked.

  6. Buck - There's never a Vanna around when your need one

    TMI - No. They need to spend a few more million on radios that don't work, then things will get better.

    Bunni - They have spell check for stuff like that.

    MAX - I am heartless, just like Rick Perry says.

    Scooney - Yes. I tu bidd thim gude lick.

    Infidel - Yep. That's why people from Africa have names like Mbuku. They omit a vowel here and there to keep the racism in check.

    Odie - Yep. I sent them a proof and a warning, and they said "yeah, I know, but it IS our logo."

  7. I can imagine the meeting they had... "you know...", "yah, we know, but he says its more smmetrical..."

  8. Here's an update to the OEM failure, edited to protect the source.

    "OK the reason the statewide monthly test is this. "

    "The power supply (Wall Wart) supplying power to their (deleted) encoder was very bad when I was in Salem last."

    "I do not believe there was time to replace it before the monthly test was scheduled."

    You and I would look at a POS power supply and replace it. OEM is a government entity. Personal responsibility doesn't exist. The group failed. Not an individual.

    This is the State of Oregon's agency to lead on emergencies when they occur in the State of Oregon. OEM is a piece of *hit.

    "Group failure is not my failure."

    It is an inherent feature of social justice.

  9. This is all Bushes fault... I mean climate change... The Tea Party! Yes, the the Tea Party is to blame.

  10. woooooooooooo those extremists who actually wanna keep part of their hard earned paychecks..shame on us...NOT!..lol

  11. This post deserves a big Amen. I couldn't agree with you more.

  12. You thought they meant manageMENT?

    As in WORK?

    What are you, some kind of Wall Street capitalist?

    They meant manageMINT.

    As in, "After our two-hour lunch break, we always manage to find time for some post-cocktail breath mints."


    PS: Check out "the best caption ever": http://www.buzzfeed.com/fjelstud/this-is-the-best-caption-ever.

  13. Here's the next big thing for OEM*.


    * You can hold your drill at another time or day if best for your schedule.

  14. Race - To heck with substance, concentrate on appearance

    TMI - Any one of them coulda gone to Radio Shack and solved the prob? Figgers. Heh, go to the bottom right corner of the link you provided for shakeout. The OEM logo is fubar'd there, too. And I dig the part about getting to schedule one's disasters for one's own convenience. Much preferable over letting Mother Nature decide.

    Trestin - Yeah, we TP'ers look so stupid compared to the Occupy Wall Street heroes.

    WHT - Dunno how you can stand all the weirdos in NYC

    HTHCTW - I get the feeling you didn't really look at the post.

    Teresa - There's a scarcity in Oregon right now.

    QR- I betcha they have free mints in their union contract.


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