Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've seen this movie...

OK, I caught some grief for not having seen Iron Man. But I have seen the flick about the infected monkey and the resulting death, chaos and mayhem.  (Call me weird, but I think Dustin Hoffman looked really hot in that plastic hazmat suit.)

Real life imitating Hollywood:
Animal advocates said they are okay that deputies issued a "shoot to kill" order when about 56 exotic animals escaped from a private Ohio zoo. A gray wolf and monkey (possibly infected with herpes B)...
I'm not sure why we even tolerate the existence of monkeys.  All they do is fling poo and spread The Herp.  We shouldn't be waiting around for a suicidal zookeeper to let his monkey loose.  We should be shooting monkeys wherever we find them.  Letting disease-ridden critters live long enough to escape is just the kind of monkeybusiness that leads to Martial Law.  The kind of Martial Law where guys in plastic suits search our stuff for disease-vector "Patient Zero" monkeys.  It is time to take a stand!!!

P.S. The recent outbreak of Herp-B at #OccupyCleveland may or may not be related...


  1. I haven't seen this one. Is it an Indian film?

  2. I've seen that movie too.

    Wow!I haven't had a chance to watch the News today. Hope they take care of the last remaining 3 Animals before they hurt someone.

    Thanks for the update.

  3. Trestin - Yes. Bombay Apache was the director.

    stopsign - last I heard the monkey was the only one left on the loose.

  4. I heard the rest of the rabid, infected monkeys were last seen in a pumpkin patch, picking out hugs gourds!

    Seriously though, I feel bad for the lions and tigers that had to be shot. I don't like monkeys though, for the reasons you said.

  5. Bunni - Yep. We shouldn't be caging wild animals for our "enjoyment." If somebody wants to experience wildlife, they should have the b*lls to go out into the wild places where those animals live.

  6. I agree with your last statement Inno. Let wild animals be wild. I hate that they were forced to shoot all those animals, but I understand the decision.

  7. There are two schools of feeling on this subject: some people, whom I believe to be clinically insane, love monkeys. Others recognize them as disease-ridden, manure infested agents of evil - which also happen to be agile, and not stupid. This makes them fairly dangerous.

    The story, at present, is that the owner of the facility released all of the animals and then committed suicide. It was not a zoo or wildlife park.

    As I understand it, the owner had himself spent time behind bars; I have not run across any documentation that indicates whether or not he had permits to maintain such animals, but it seems unlikely.

  8. I remember in that movie the evil military wanted to firebomb a town (that was conveniently located in a geographical area that would contain...) and the scientists were the only ones who cared.

    As for the animals in Ohio...the Bannon's do a Planet of the Apes movie marathon on New Years Eve, to remind us of the unintended consequences of our actions. (We never intended for it to become a tradition, but you know, they keep making them, so we keep watching them...)

  9. We capture the ones that got away at Wall Street.

  10. Fling poo and spread herpes?

    I guess monkeys and liberals have more in common than I originally thought.

  11. Inno, as I read the article, I wondered what those W&F guys, and Deputies were going through.

    Seriously, it's gotta be tough to go home and get some sleep after wasting so many animals at once...even if it was no doubt necessary. A couple of years ago, we had a mountain lion in a tree just down the street. Really...a mountain lion in the middle of an urban The South (nobody's sure yet how he got here).

    The cops tried to tranquilize him, but the dart just pissed him off, and he headed toward the officers. Had to plug him. You shoulda heard some of the PETArds complaining about that...


    I've gotta give the Ohio Humane Society kudos, too. Their reaction was pretty damn sane.

  12. Andy: I spent 40 years working with animals, and there's nothing scarier to my mind than a few dozen cops with automatic weapons. Over the years, I managed to safely corral elephants, rhinos, bears, chimps, crocs, monkeys.

    Sometimes in the dead of night.

    One of my favorite images involved a loose musk-ox at midnight. Upon arrival, there were two cops, one on either side of the musk-ox, with weapons drawn. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.

    Naturally enough, a ticket was issued for illegal parking. You get a call, you go to help....

    Cops are best left to traffic stops.

  13. you should see them here in NY...good grief!

  14. I have to agree with the infidel.


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