Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Un-Rousing the Rabble

Lots of discussion today on Lars' NW Show about the Crash the Tea Party fool.  Turns out he's a PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER in Beaverton, which is about 1.5 hours or so north of me.  Hey, here's the deal:  if you spew epithets against minorities for personal or political gain, YOU ARE A RACIST.  Pretending to be someone else while doing so does not mitigate YOUR RACISM.  Hey teacher, would it be acceptable to you if your students LIED, CHEATED, or MISREPRESENTED themselves in your classroom? 

Anyway, I think this crasher thing is destined to fail.  For one, these people tend towards cowardice except when they have numerical advantage.  Secondly, their hope is to be noticed by the fMSM which has considerably less reach than it used to.  Does anybody really care if Katie Couric or Anderson Cooper thinks poorly of the antics of some ersatz Tea Partier?  Thirdly, there are LOTS of people connected directly or indirectly to the movement - too many people know the truth about the movement. 

So Lars was pretty miffed about this.  He thinks it'll be an effective way of tainting the movement.  I disagree.  One caller said basically that he'd beat up anybody who was clearly a lefty interloper, but Lars said doing nothing looks like tacit approval, but beating the dork up reinforces the image that we're a violet mob.  Lose/Lose.  So it comes down to: should a lefty idiot show up, cause trouble and get away with it, or should a lefty idiot show up, cause trouble and go home with a limp?  I know which will do the most to discourage further outbursts of lefty stupidity, and I know what I'll do if one of them acts up in my midst.


  1. Go get 'em Inno! They better keep away from my and my guest.

  2. Two words, chloroform and dumpster. If you see a liberal faker, apply one then the other. The order probably doesn't matter.

  3. My plan is to get real TEA partiers to surround them and chant "astroturf astroturf astroturf" until they show their real colors, and then let the police (who LOVE TEA partiers, since we're so friggin' peaceful) take care of it.

  4. Amusing Bunni - I hope there is huge turnout in Chi-town!

    DeanO - Thanks. I've never been a big Gandhi fan, but his quote "First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then they lose" seems to apply here.

    JBomb - Excellent idea! I get the feeling that back in my rowdy college days, you and I would have caused a lot of trouble.

    Snarky Basterd - the voice of reason? Is that you?

  5. PJTV encourages you to simply record (photo, video, text) and report -- they'll take care of the rest.
    I'm taking my camera.

    P.S. Thanks for telling me he was from Beaverton. I assumed Assland. er... Ashland.

  6. Yeah, Inno...it's going to be interesting. We have a rally tomorrow evening in the area...a couple of thousand expected, but the last one was bigger than that, and it started early in the afternoon.

    There have been rumblings of troublemakers invading...we'll see.

    It is on the grounds of the civic center/police station...I'm sure there will be plenty of cops (on duty, and off duty) around to observe.

  7. Aren't most lefties kinda "limpish" to begin with?

    If he goes to the tea party he might spontaneously burst into jello.

  8. They make a nice bench for everyone to sit on.

  9. It is, in my humble--yet correct, therefore, must be obeyed--opinion that the best course of action is to locate an organizer and let them deal with it.

    A parade organizer has already made contact with the local police and communications are in place to make sure that problems are dealt with appropriately.

    Do not succumb to the impulse to cowboy up.

    Gordo has the best solution, if an organizer cannot be located; record their image. A camera is a threat to those who would attempt to deceive.

    And please, have fun, be polite. (Did I mention I hate stupid chants?)

  10. I vote for the limp.

  11. I think this guy is just another pathetic looser looking for his 15 minutes of fame. If you look him up on twitter, he's tweeted Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddox, Michael Moore etc., begging them to all take a look at his site.

  12. Gordon - Methinks PJTV is going to have some good clips to work with.

    Andy, Infidel - Yeah, dunno if these losers will really show up. This might end up a big disappointment like Y2K.

    Odie - Only if I have a good supply of those paper assgaskets to protect myself with!

    OregonGuy - Whaddya mean, dad? Mom said it was OK!..

    kingshamus - so did 52% of America (sorry, I know what you meant)

    1TC - the only thing worse than a lefty weasel is a pathetic attention-grubbing lefty weasel.

  13. Inno, you note that these folks might not really show up. I'd bet that a few will...in a few locations.

    But, for the most part it will likely be a Y2K rerun. A couple of systems crashed, but way too much drama ahead of the tiny trickle of real trouble.

    There are gonna be some Code Pink types, and some other misfits that escape from THE HOME to make their point. And, they will likely headline the CBS Evening News on Friday...and probably the front page of USA Today.

    I'm going to ours. I'm taking pictures. I'm actually hoping that some of our NW Louisiana "regular suspects" show up...


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