Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two posts for the price of Won

The leftoids trying to muck up the Tea Party protests need to be put in their place.  Turnabout is fair play, as they say.  They also say that all's fair in love and war.  We'll use their own tactics against them.

At the next big leftard/anarchist shindig, we need to dress up like idiots and infiltrate.  Then we'll do REALLY outrageous things and taint those losers' image!  Things like burn flags, throw rocks through storefront windows, hang people in effigy, you know, really vile and obnoxious stuff. 

Why are you shaking your head?  You act like there is a flaw in my plan or something!


Here's your bonus post:

Yup.  Somebody from the census hit my place searching for "obowma."  Guess I can look forward to repeated door-knocks from pencilnecked carpal-tunnel wristbraced non-fat latté sippin' ACORN dorks who need to "review" my census info.

And here's my favoritest part of my stats:

This is from a few days ago.  It actually got above 3 minutes for a while but has headed back down since I haven't posted much this week.  My traffic is still low - I have about as many hit points as a 4th level druid - and about half my hits are 0 sec visits from search spiders and people in europe searching on "hockey stick effect".  So this means that the people who do stop and read like it enough to hang around for a while.  Y'all are awesome!


  1. Don't fret, Inno. There aren't too many bloggers who get hundreds or thousands of hits per day, so you're in good company with the rest of us. Take heart knowing that those of us who read your blog, enjoy your humor.

    BTW, it's the repeated hits from the DOD that make me sit up and take notice. Is it possible they just like coffee milk?

  2. Hmm. I think to infiltrate the left, we also shouldn't bathe for a week, get on some handout program, and wait around for ACORN or the SEIU to pay us to be there. That ought to do it.

  3. Heh! Yep Inno, they've got your number now. We'll bake you a cake...

    Not to flatter, but I really do enjoy your posts.

  4. Innominatus, I land your site and then go out to breakfast ... read? (LOL)

  5. Ick. I really don't want to think about infiltrating the left -- there would be gross, unpleasant, pushy things there.

    I have to agree with Matthew, though. You're in trrrooouuuuble!!

    Keep it coming -- we'll read it!

  6. Hey! When the gumint thugs are done readin' your archives, send 'em over my way. I gots some real choice racism for dem to take a gander at.

  7. I did have pushy people visit a number of times 10 years ago. They didn't harass per se, but they came close. Let us know if they stop by for a friendly chat!

  8. Cool, Inno, I need to check my stats, Since I made a post with that title, they have probably been snooping around, morons.


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